Traducción de joyless en Español:


falto de alegría, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒɔɪləs//ˈdʒɔɪləs/


  • 1

    (occasion) falto de alegría
    (existence) sombrío
    (existence) triste
    • York endured a joyless visit to Pontefract as they were convincingly beaten 24-0 in a Powergen Yorkshire One result.
    • There is a certain kind of joyless middle-aged woman, either single or unhappily married, who absolutely embodies this theory.
    • It's a bit like scratching an unbearable itch: a completely satisfying activity, but joyless at the same time.
    • I didn't vote for this spineless, gormless, joyless, clueless Government.
    • The middle trilogy is watchable enough rot, but the recent films are joyless, plotless screeds on macroeconomics and industrial relations.
    • The problem is, at times it's too grim: this is an almost totally joyless book.
    • It may have been a joyless campaign but the national debate has been intense.
    • He was 55 years old (18 years older than Cloetta) with a bad marriage and a long string of joyless affairs behind him.
    • It doesn't make for a moving spectacle - it is too cruel and joyless - but there is no denying the sense of awe which accompanies this rare parade of its talents.
    • There is, of course, a joyless, self-important statement.
    • Food is supposed to taste good, and health promotion should not be a series of negative messages that convey a joyless future.
    • And finally, to top my day off, I found out that the joyless, universally disliked boss who's been off on maternity leave will be part time when she comes back at the end of April.
    • This grim, joyless motion picture is anything but fun.
    • Actually, I found nearly all the music totally joyless.
    • It's a pity you're distracted all the time by the plotless, joyless machinations of everyone else involved.
    • All the characters lead dismal, joyless lives.
    • For a song about dancing in the streets, it's overwhelmingly joyless.
    • Such joyless suppression crushes that most precious thing in life, the flowering of the individual human spirit.
    • None of it connects with anything beyond this joyless carnival.
    • Stanley has one of the most joyless birthday parties imaginable thrown in his honour, with an undercurrent of menace never far from the surface.