Traducción de joyriding en Español:


actividad delictiva del joyrider, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒɔɪrʌɪdɪŋ//ˈdʒɔɪˌraɪdɪŋ/


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    actividad delictiva del joyrider
    • The types of delinquency ranged from low-level stuff like being rowdy on a street corner, to theft from home and school, up to housebreaking, joyriding and robbery.
    • ‘The whole area of joyriding and juvenile crime is indicative of how ineffective our justice system has become,’ he added.
    • In Ireland we have a fairly serious problem developing with teen joyriding.
    • Graffiti, joyriding, drugs and illicit sex are all about countering boredom with excitement, and feeling insignificant with feeling important.
    • As a child and adolescent, he had numerous encounters with law enforcement for joyriding, theft, burglary, fraud, assault and battery.
    • He said that drugs, robbery and joyriding were rife and claimed that some streets were nothing more than ghettos.
    • In many states, that has been changed by statute, particularly for crimes like joyriding.
    • Inspector McComb said that in terms of joyriding, the latest incident showed the dangers involved.
    • Some cars were just used for joyriding and dumped, but others may have been stolen to order or fitted with fake plates and sold.
    • After the crash Gareth's father said he had taken six of his son's friends to the chapel of rest to warn them of the dangers of so-called joyriding.
    • Many of the younger criminals have graduated from joyriding and burglary in their teens to crimes such as drug-dealing.
    • It was felt that they would be far better employed dealing with crime, petty vandalism, drugs and joyriding in the villages.
    • The bill proposed making joyriding a criminal offence and provided penalties of up to seven years in prison.
    • Thefts of motor vehicles - including joyriding - have decreased by 13 per cent.
    • Residents have complained that the area has become run-down, suffers at the hands of thugs intent on joyriding and burglary.
    • Said Mr Wills: ‘Careless driving and joyriding has to be stopped.’
    • However, they also hope the operation will reduce overall crime levels in the area including drug dealing, burglaries, car thefts, and joyriding.
    • I have no idea who did this - it is one step from joyriding.
    • Det Sgt Nick Draper of Pudsey CID said: ‘This is a terrible incident and highlights the awful dangers of joyriding.’
    • They made no attempt to come and catch them in the act, so they stole the car, used it for joyriding, and burnt it out a couple of streets away.