Traducción de judgmental en Español:


sentencioso, adj.


Pronunciación /ˌdʒədʒˈmɛn(t)l//dʒʌdʒˈmɛnt(ə)l/


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    (attitude/assessment) sentencioso
    I don't want to seem judgmental but … yo no quiero erigirme en juez pero …
    • Many times the people that call themselves Christians are hate filled, judgmental and self righteous.
    • Exercising judgment does not refer to being judgmental, critical or condemning.
    • There are times when such enclaves are small-minded, doctrinaire, judgmental, and prejudiced to the extreme.
    • Christians are perceived as anxious, moralistic, and judgmental.
    • Howie manages to pull of a tricky acting feat - he's at once judgmental, blustering, self-righteous, and yet somehow pitiable.
    • I will never forget how I felt that day or how I almost let a self-righteous, judgmental pharmacist change my life.
    • If you sound concerned (rather than judgmental or jealous or left out), she may listen.
    • The religious themes are cleverly handled so as not to appear preachy or judgemental, while the coming-of-age material is frank but never voyeuristic.
    • I'm amazed at how preachy and judgemental everyone is being in this thread.
    • I'm sorry if I sound a bit judgemental but I'm only telling you because I'm concerned about you.
    • There are critical and judgmental people around you; don't allow them to manipulate you.
    • No, this isn't some self-righteous attempt to point fingers or be judgmental.
    • Her father returns the favor by being overly judgmental of her in everything she does, probably because it is the only way he knows to show his affection.
    • Again, no purpose is served by people who live in a totally different environment taking a judgemental view of the controversy.
    • If a date is too eager to hear about dancing, or judgmental, or overly impressed, he's out the door.
    • Am I just being stuck-up and judgmental, or should I take my legitimate concerns and run for the hills?
    • But fortunately for my self-righteous and judgemental streak, I can't afford to indulge in fashion.
    • For goodness sake, give it a rest and come down off your moralistic and judgmental perch.
    • We became so critical and judgmental of ourselves, that we wouldn't allow ourselves to be balanced musicians after college.
    • As such, the real danger is not that journalists will be excessively judgmental or critical, but that they will be too soft.