Traducción de juicy en Español:


jugoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒuːsi//ˈdʒusi/

adjetivojuiciest, juicier

  • 1

    (orange/steak) jugoso
    • The peppers were juicy and tasty, as was their filling.
    • The fresh scallops and prawns were briefly cooked thus creating tender, juicy morsels of exquisite flavor.
    • The robin flew down to join the party in case there was a juicy snack left over.
    • When meat is juicy and tender, it's absolutely beautiful.
    • The homemade onion rings are even better, cut thin and lightly battered so there's a nice balance between crust and juicy onion.
    • Include lots of green leafy vegetables and sweet juicy fruits.
    • For dessert, feed your sweetheart cherries on the stem, red grapes on the vine or juicy strawberries.
    • Inside, however, they were filled with a succulent, sweet, juicy meat unlike anything Maria had tasted before.
    • I was particularly envious when her dessert arrived - huge, juicy strawberries dipped in gooey chocolate sauce.
    • This yard, however, had been transformed into a lush garden full of plump, red, juicy tomatoes.
    • Andy had abandoned her own pizza after just one slice to concentrate on peeling the foil from the juicy garlic bread.
    • There were bananas in large bunches, juicy oranges and trusses of grapes.
    • There are almost 10 different meats to sample, from thinly sliced sirloin to juicy pork to simple, tender lamb.
    • Her nose twitched to the surprising aroma of sliced vegetables, scented herbs, juicy sauces, and chopped beef.
    • I stuff the cavity with juicy lemon wedges, garlic and parsley.
    • Such foods are juicy, fatty, wholesome, and pleasing to the heart.
    • Large, juicy flakes of fish are what appeal here.
    • It tasted wonderful, the meat was juicy and full of flavor and the sauce was excellent.
    • For breakfast, eat a helping of sweet juicy fruit, and warm cooked cereal.
    • There is deep satisfaction to be had in spending a couple of hours picking punnets full of ripe, juicy fruit.
  • 2coloquial

    (rewarding, profitable)
    (role/part) jugoso coloquial
    (fee) suculento coloquial
    (fee) jugoso coloquial
    • But the focus has shifted to creating value as much by trading assets as by erecting buildings, with juicy returns to be made at different stages of a development process.
    • Economic theory tells us that if it weren't so, there would be tons of new entrants into the market, attracted by juicy profits.
    • They made it their business to know all the juicy gossip.
    • At the end of the day, private banks want to get their hands on customers' capital, which they invest with gusto in return for juicy fees.
    • There was so much juicy gossip it was hard to pay much attention to the debate.
    • But his grand vision of Tyson as a one-stop shop for beef, pork, and chicken has yet to deliver juicy returns.
    • Sure, I had to coax her with hints of juicy, interesting news that I said I needed to tell her, but still.
    • Obviously, if you're doing well in the polls, a juicy scandal for the opposition should help you.
    • Her letter was decent in length and had tons of juicy gossip.
    • If someone wanted a juicy piece of gossip, they would turn to her.
    • What was really giving the papers a thrill, and filling their pages, was the juicy political-financial scandal just breaking in Japan.
    • It's free, of course, always interesting, and occasionally juicy.
    • My newly acquired knowledge is nothing more than juicy gossip and therein lies the problem.
    • The media is interested in content that will appeal to their readers, which should preferably be juicy.
    • She said it as if it was something keenly interesting, some juicy gossip.
    • All they cared about was orchestrating a juicy piece of sex scandal gossip.
    • And the arrival of the prince could provide some juicy entertainment too.
    • I hope they'll be entertaining, something juicy for us to gasp and giggle about.
    • There's nothing that gets this nation going quite like a juicy sports scandal.
    • If admin work doesn't appeal, there are job details of the much more juicy positions at MI5 handily tucked into the brochure.
    • If a story is juicy and sexy, are those reasons enough to do it?
    • What's the use of having such a juicy and appetizing prospect-list if you can't call on them?
    • Before we can slide into the booth, he is already talking with the excited, slightly conspiratorial tone of a friend with some juicy gossip.
    • A market that juicy just might prove irresistible to the likes of Wal-Mart.
    • There's no doubt that our fantasy world can be very juicy and seductive.
    • When they were were filled in on the latest news of the race they would return to the pack and share the juicy news with everyone.
    • How do you respond to critics who say that the juicy returns you promise for Social Security accounts will likewise prove elusive?
    • Enticed by juicy commissions from all those deals, others are jumping into the mortgage biz.
    • The under-funded casino offered a juicy sign-up bonus to attract new players then didn't have enough money to pay the winners!
    • So has politics become too boring for the media, unless it's some juicy sex scandal or something like that?
    • With juicy gossip and scandal about the rich and famous in Taiwan, the magazine took the country by storm, selling out in hours.
  • 3coloquial

    (scandal/details/gossip) sabroso coloquial
    (details/gossip/scandal) picante coloquial