Traducción de junction en Español:


cruce, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒəŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n//ˈdʒʌŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n/


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    (meeting point)
    (of roads, rails) cruce masculino
    (of roads, rails) empalme masculino
    (of roads, rails) entronque masculino México
    (of rivers) confluencia femenino
    turn left at the junction of Route 21 and Route 30 doble a la izquierda en el cruce / la intersección de las rutas 21 y 30
    • leave the motorway at junction 13 deje la autopista en la salida número 13
    • Adjacent cells are joined together at the junction of oppositely oriented elevations which have a small spine at the tip.
    • Police had to seal off the junction for more than two hours, forcing motorists to find alternative routes.
    • He found that learning occurs at the synapse (the junction between two neurons) by several means.
    • The best known of these are atrial receptors, which are nerves ending mainly at the junctions of the great veins with the atria.
    • Immediately beyond is a junction with another stream joining from the left from Wisdom Tooth Passage.
    • It is observed in a variety of systems, from invertebrate neuromuscular junctions to neocortical synapses.
    • Even sponges show this capacity in the transient development of septate junctions between certain cells.
    • The woman and her son were caught between the car and the traffic lights at the pelican crossing at the junction of the two roads.
    • These signs were fixed at pedestrian crossings, junctions in residential roads and even on posts in the woodland idyll of Ham Common.
    • A further measure to enhance road safety in this area would be to extend the double yellow lines from the junction of Manor Road down to High Fold Lane.
    • Areas near the new traffic-signalled junctions, a service road and a new pond are also being landscaped.
    • Bikes have their own lanes, traffic lights at junctions and dedicated road signs.
    • Work is already underway on the site of the former Railway pub at the junction of Leigh Road and Lovers Lane at Howe Bridge.
    • To ensure public safety, access to the event will be via Union Street only and numbers will be restricted at the entry point at the junction of Union Street and Market Street.
    • Witnesses said that when the car hit Mr Kornelis, he was thrown 20 feet into the air and across the junction on to Railway Road.
    • I stopped at the junction that joined the studio with the main road.
    • Another form of local communication is provided by gap junctions, which directly link the cytoplasm of certain cells and so allow the exchange both of ions and of small molecules between them.
    • Acceptance gaps can be created either by headways in a traffic stream or by traffic control devices such as traffic signals at junctions and pelican crossings.
    • The crash happened at 12.28 pm, close to the slip road of the junction on the southbound carriageway.
    • As the cavalcade moved along the Inner Ring Road towards the junction, Arun took a right turn around the traffic island.
    • This structure is consistent with the mechanism of the particle formation, where growing insulin fibrils encounter other fibrils and link together to form junctions.
    • Some are the meeting of meridian pathways while others are junctions with an internal pathway of the meridian.
    • Now funds have been obtained to meet the long-standing demand for a roundabout at the junction of Mill Green Road.
    • We went to the post office, crossing at the pedestrian crossing at the junction with Blagdon Road and returned as soon as she had finished to find a warden putting a notice on the car.
    • Paula and Daniel were left trapped between the car and traffic lights at the junction of Liverpool Road and Green Lane.
    • The man says he drove them to Carlow, dropping mother and son at the traffic lights at the junction of Kilkenny Road and Burrin Street.
    • Strangely, the new system has not really reduced the number of traffic signals and junctions on either roads.
    • Molecular analysis of repair junctions indicates efficient microhomology-mediated end joining.
    • But it will be copied again and again, at junctions in the wider Internet, and so will e-mails sent by individuals.
    • These sensitive areas are known as acupoints, and are thought to link to nerve junctions in other parts of the body.
    • This gets a little bigger fairly quickly, and passes a couple of uninviting junctions, before entering a wide bedding passage with a stream flowing through it.
    • Longer buses are also far more likely to stop while blocking road junctions or pedestrian crossings, especially in heavy traffic.
    • Some surgeons prefer to have silk ties securing any junctions where fill tubes connect to prevent unintended separation during the procedure, but we have found that unnecessary.
    • Traffic lights operate at the junction with the main road, a busy dual carriageway.
    • People keep saying it's this awkward union, but it's a great junction of two fashion superstars.
    • The places where the emitter joins the base and the base joins the collector are called junctions.
    • The place was at the junction of two roads, one of which was parallel to a railroad line.
    • The cells were surrounded by a basal lamina and joined by primitive junctions.
    • It is rare to find a simple right lymphatic duct that enters directly into the junction of the internal jugular and subclavian veins.
    • A coordinated assault on five or more junctions in the 10,500 miles of pipeline that connect the five main Saudi oilfields could cripple the industry.
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    empalme masculino
    • These junctions can be made atomically sharp and defect free, allowing for the production of high performance electronics integrated within each single nanostructure.
    • This quantum mechanical tunneling process is an important mechanism for thin barriers such as those in metal-semiconductor junctions on highly-doped semiconductors.
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    unión femenino