Traducción de juncture en Español:


coyuntura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒəŋ(k)tʃər//ˈdʒʌŋ(k)tʃə/


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    coyuntura femenino
    at this juncture en esta coyuntura
    • But at critical junctures in the post-war period, for various strategic and or economic reasons, national leaders opted for greater integration.
    • But at critical junctures in the history of astronomy, there is generally an overabundance of ideas on how to move ahead.
    • It also comes at an interesting juncture as Turkey makes its bid to join the European Union.
    • We are at a critical juncture in the future of the EU.
    • ‘We really are at a critical juncture at the moment,’ says Stewart.
    • Farm families face business decisions at critical junctures in their lives; each one has an emotional component that must be addressed.
    • Clearly what was missing was experience and a more solid approach at critical junctures.
    • These events are examples of kernels - a critical juncture in the story.
    • Our affair is approaching a critical juncture.
    • So what does Friedman think the European Union should be doing at this juncture?
    • Brind seemed somewhat rattled by a few disputed calls at critical junctures of the match.
    • I've seen other senators say that the most important speech perhaps at this juncture will be the one that is made by the loser rather than the winner.
    • At this juncture, there is a desperate need for human contact.
    • Britain's economy has come to a critical juncture.
    • State and local governments are thus at a critical juncture.
    • Our nation is once again at a critical juncture.
    • That limits students' freedom during one of the most critical junctures of their lives.
    • On the other hand, to debate the appropriateness of a single currency union at this juncture may engender unintended results.
    • And so I am at that juncture where I entertain the idea of a second career.
    • At this juncture you might be wondering about a couple of things.