Traducción de junior en Español:


subalterno, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒunjər//ˈdʒuːnɪə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(lower in rank)

      (official) subalterno
      (position) de subalterno
      junior doctor médico residente masculino
      • junior management subdirección
      • to be junior to sb ser subalterno de algn

    • 1.2(younger)

      más joven
      fashion for the junior miss moda para las jovencitas femenino
      • James D. Clark Junior James D. Clark, hijo / junior
      • to be junior to sb ser menor / más joven que algn
      • he is junior to her by two years es dos años menor que ella

  • 2

    • 2.1(for younger people)

      (size/fashion) para jóvenes
      (team/competition) juvenil
      (team/competition) (invariable adjective) junior

    • 2.2US Escuela Universidad

      de tercer año


  • 1

    • 1.1(younger person)

      which is the junior (of the two)? ¿quién de los/las dos es el/la menor?
      • he is two years my junior es dos años menor que yo
      • he is my junior by two years es dos años menor que yo
      • Serves him right for marrying a girl forty years his junior against her will.
      • Most promising seemed the suggestion that he should marry Mary, queen of Scots, five years his junior, with the prospect of uniting the two kingdoms.
      • With five marriages - the last with a guy 14 years her junior - under her garter belt, you might say Gibson doesn't believe in happily ever after.
      • Winifred, five years his junior, moved to Keighley from Newcastle in 1933 and worked at Wolsey's wool mill.
      • My sister Suzanna was two years older than me, and Philippa, the baby, was five years my junior, which meant I had to look after her a lot, when Mum, who was a chef, was on a job.
      • In 1891 he met Lord Alfred Douglas, a young man sixteen years his junior.
      • Abelard was a famous teacher and Heloise, 22 years his junior.
      • Claudia, 70, works out with a trainer, still wears killer heels and is dating a man 20 years her junior.
      • Sixteen years his junior, Tamara de Lempicka made her name by her mid-twenties.
      • In 1901 he married a second time, a science teacher called Evangeline Land, seventeen years his junior and the daughter of a prominent Detroit dentist.
      • A reconstruction of Carlo's final moments, however, reveals he was killed by a terrified youth three years his junior.
      • In 1966 a gate charge of 20 cents was introduced, with juniors up for five cents and those under 14 admitted free.
      • I wondered, though, how embarrassed Casey would feel about being taught by a junior; someone a year younger than him.
      • Why would Summer, almost twenty years her junior, and university educated, be attracted to Bridget?
      • She was fifteen, nineteen years Kit's junior, when they married in 1843.
      • Fisher, too, says that, at 47, he has been told he has the health status of someone 20 years his junior.
      • There she would encounter the future Queen, five years her junior, who entertained the battered troops at the piano.
      • Instead, children were simply held back in classes with pupils many years their junior, through what has been described as a ‘sink or swim policy’.
      • Her husband Lee Hall - a Geordie five years her junior who leapt to international fame writing Billy Elliot, the story of a boy ballet dancer - leads an equally frantic life.
      • But this guy was alright, although I think he's probably four or five years my junior.

    • 1.2(person of lower rank)

      subalterno masculino
      subalterna femenino
      • Ms Gold started in her father's business as a junior at the age of 21 and rose through the ranks to become chief executive trying to take the business upmarket along the way.
      • When Josie began her training juniors were expected to do the cleaning, including scrubbing the floors, and they were gradually taught hairdressing skills.
      • I taught it to my junior who did the Blackburn Royal Commission.
      • Neither Mr Syed, the locum consultant urologist nor his junior were present.
      • I applied for his job, certain that I would get it as I had been his junior for five years, and I was confident I could do the job better than anybody else within the company.
      • Doctors warn there are not enough consultants to take over from the juniors, which could in turn affect consultants' day work and therefore increase waiting times.
      • It should be compulsory reading for all undergraduates and hospital juniors.
      • Brendan started his career in retail at the L&N, Dungarvan in 1983, where he worked as a shop floor assistant and as a junior in the Goods Inward Department.
      • The drugs are collected from the pharmacy by the specialist chemotherapy nurses and handed to the consultant or to juniors in the consultant's presence.
      • His junior was unable to attend the court proceedings.
      • A lot of experienced police officers are being bypassed for promotion while juniors are being elevated.

    • 1.3Derecho
      (in UK)

      abogado habilitado para alegar ante un tribunal superior, que está por debajo del Queen's Counsel en jerarquía

  • 2Junior

    término usado para referirse o dirigirse a un hijo
    • Want to send mom a DVD of junior's first Christmas?
    • And the big toy chains are hopeful that while mom and dad may cut back on other parts of the family budget, they'll continue to splurge on toys for junior.
    • The colorful PC is likely to fit junior's bedroom or playroom décor.
    • Just because Gramps was a great, public spirited man does not mean that junior, who has grown up with a taste for finery, will be the same.
  • 3

    • 3.1

      Escuela Universidad (in US) estudiante de tercer año de colegio secundario o universidad
      (in UK) alumno de primaria o de los primeros años de secundaria
      • It targets high-school juniors whose grades don't reflect their true academic capabilities.
      • There are prizes for two age groups - infants and juniors.
      • Only the juniors have a crossing lady, the infant school children have nothing, so please slow down.
      • When she was a junior in high school, she went to the local community college and took Italian and Russian for two years.
      • The buildings will be modernised and refurbished for the 420 infants and juniors with large open teaching spaces with IT facilities.
      • Choosing among programs can be quite bewildering for the rising high school junior or senior researching colleges and universities.
      • Now it's only Sunday mornings, weddings, funerals, a carol service the week before Christmas and an occasional harvest festival for the local C of E infants and juniors.
      • My older son Ryan was away at college while the other was home and a junior in high school.
      • This year, the high school juniors and seniors donned backpacks and rubber boots to help in a turtle conservation project.
      • I've been coming here since I was in middle school, and I'm a junior at wonderful Carmon High School now.
      • In the prescribed order infants, toddlers and juniors mounted Matron, were breathed upon, exchanged whispers, and given their Christmas present.
      • Teachers, pupils and parents at Brightside Primary School are jubilant about the successes and improvements since the infants and juniors merged two years ago.
      • I'm still wondering why he's a junior in highschool when he could be one in college!
      • He comes to school with his Mammy as she is teaching the juniors.
      • Class sizes for juniors would also reduce, with an average of 25 pupils per teacher, down from the existing norm of 27.
      • All high school juniors and seniors are eligible to compete.
      • It brings together juniors and infants on one site, rather than a quarter of a mile apart on opposite sides of busy Bag Lane.
      • Probably not, but they can successfully mix high school juniors and high school seniors in the same program.
      • It was an anthology of insightful quotes, designed mainly for juniors and seniors in high school.
      • But the money saved by not replacing the retiring head at Carlton will allow each school to afford separate teachers for infants and juniors.
      • By May of 1999, the foundation offered two scholarship programs and intensive SAT tutoring for high school juniors and seniors.
      • He's a freshman in college and she's a junior in high-school for crying out loud.
      • Scott and I are better, I'm a junior in high school and he's a sophomore in college.
      • The inspectors recommended a partition to split the juniors from the infants or better still a separate classroom to be created.
      • There are special programs for high school juniors and seniors.
      • This fall, she will be dually enrolled at Simon's Rock College as a high school junior and college freshman.
      • Currently, it enrolls approximately 2,500 high school juniors and seniors each year.
      • Why would he fall for introverted high school juniors?
      • Noeleen's juniors number eleven in total and are divided between junior, senior infants and second class.
      • Wall Street 101 is open to high school juniors and seniors.
      • One of the bloggers is a junior in high school, another is a recent college graduate.
      • Play facilities specially constructed to cater for juniors and toddlers will be built next to Chiltern Primary School.
      • But last year there were only 149 infants and 266 juniors.
      • On this day, Clemson offered scholarships to six high school juniors.
      • Aimed at infants and juniors up to year 5, the site provides fortnightly challenges.

    • 3.2Deporte

      juvenil masculino
      junior femenino
      • He was at the helm in an unforgettable 1999 when the juniors went all the way to All-Ireland glory, and who is to say he won't again wave that magic wand to ensure a repeat in 2004?
      • The juniors suffered a disastrous 7-1 defeat, while the men ceded with the minimum 1-0.
      • A team of five seniors and three juniors will be representing the district this weekend at the NSW Country Championships in Bathurst.
      • The undefeated juniors lead their group after home wins against the Czech Republic and Malta, and a draw with Denmark.
      • So certainly with those amateurs and juniors, the administrators need to have a pretty good look at how they timetable different sports.
      • There is coaching for juniors each Wednesday from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
      • As a result of some of the initiatives undertaken by the club, some young juniors are already competing at regional events.
      • It's the first of a number of new initiatives to improve the competition available to Britain's top club athletes, juniors and aspiring internationals.
      • His national victory came against fellow juniors - and adults - and he also came second in the national windsurfing Under-17s slalom series.
      • Now 18, though still young enough to compete as a junior, Sorrell has broken through.
      • The left-hander is Baseball America's 18 th-ranked prospect among juniors.
      • Without these juniors, league football could be finished.
      • The victors will parade at Lansdowne Road on the national holiday and the juniors at the same venue eleven days later.
      • Two years before he would guide the international juniors to victory over their American counterparts with 33 points and 14 rebounds.
      • I have seen some of our juniors compete because we've gone on a few trips and things.
      • Adults train mainly for traditional karate and self defence while juniors train mainly for sport and competition.
      • Milltown juniors enjoyed a 1-9 to 1-5 victory away to Castledermot in the league recently.
      • Older juniors and adult fencers compete in the Under-16, Under-19 or Senior divisions.
      • He added: ‘Clubs are continually trying to recruit juniors wanting to take up the sport and we can offer guidance to them.’
      • And, as a junior who is two victories away from another Final Four appearance, he said it only makes him more determined to stay at Duke.