Traducción de junk food en Español:

junk food

comida basura, n.


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    comida basura femenino
    porquerías femenino coloquial
    alimento chatarra masculino México
    • They should point out the benefits of a wholesome and balanced diet and the harm from eating too much junk food.
    • Prepare a colorful fruit salad as an alternative to candy bars and other junk food.
    • How can I stick to my diet and stop thinking about junk food and ice cream all the time?
    • When I was a child I wasn't allowed to eat so much junk food from fast food outlets that I became overweight and ill.
    • Make sure your child eats healthy nourishing food as opposed to junk food.
    • Health campaigners have mooted suggestions such as a tax on junk foods or a ban on junk food advertising.
    • Your kids may rebel by sneaking food into the house or eating extra junk food elsewhere.
    • Not only are our kids overfed on junk food and fast food, they are fast becoming victims of the techno age.
    • While junk food isn't the healthiest food to eat it is still not the cause of obesity.
    • It used to be thought that a typical teenage diet of junk food was the cause of acne, but now we know better.
    • She may be eating a lot of junk food because the junk food comforts her without judging her.
    • It's often better to put healthy foods into your diet than focus on getting junk food out.
    • That means an annual exposure to thousands of commercials for junk food and fast food.
    • The film's goal is to encourage youngsters across the district to ditch junk food and eat more fruit and vegetables.
    • If you eat junk food constantly, you will become ill and unhealthy.
    • The competition is aimed at getting children to give up junk food and eat healthily.
    • Trans-fatty acids are widespread in food: in breads, cakes, biscuits and junk food.
    • We spend a lot to eat junk food like pizza, Coke and spend again to lose weight.
    • He has eliminated much of the trademark junk food from his diet, drinks copious amounts of water, and eats salads.
    • People who despise nutritional diets and only eat junk food are digging their graves with their teeth.