Traducción de jury en Español:


jurado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒʊri//ˈdʒʊəri/

nombrePlural juries

  • 1

    jurado masculino
    trial by jury juicio ante jurado masculino
    • to serve/sit on a jury ser miembro de un jurado
    • the jury is out el jurado está deliberando
    • before noun to do jury duty or (British also) service ser miembro de un jurado
    • The court has not sought to doubt the factual basis upon which the jury reached its verdicts.
    • Yesterday at Salisbury Crown Court the jury returned a majority verdict of guilty.
    • A Chelmsford Crown Court jury on Thursday returned a unanimous not guilty verdict.
    • Last week, at the subsequent inquest, the jury returned a verdict of unlawful killing.
    • An inquest jury returned a verdict that he had been unlawfully killed.
    • The coroner accordingly left that verdict to the jury, and the jury returned a unanimous verdict of unlawful killing.
    • One of the things that amazed me was after 60 plus days of hearing evidence, the jury returned the verdict in six hours.
    • Put in simplest terms, the jury returned majority verdicts before the judge allowed them to do so.
    • On this basis, the jury were quite entitled to return a verdict of guilty on count 2.
    • After an hour and a half of deliberation, the jury returned the guilty verdict yesterday.
    • In May 1999 the Applicant was acquitted by the unanimous verdict of a jury at Wood Green Crown Court.
    • The jury returned guilty verdicts on two counts of indecent assault and one of common assault.
    • The judge accepted that submission and directed the jury to return a verdict of not guilty.
    • Any previous conviction or driving ban could then be revealed to the court after the jury returned a verdict.
    • She was formally discharged by the court following the jury's unanimous verdict.
    • For two days, he waited in the corridor and rooms of Teesside Crown Court while the jury considered its verdicts.
    • An inquest jury at Lincoln Crown Court recorded a verdict yesterday that the tragedy had been an accident.
    • One can simply say the jury returned a verdict that there was a business of trafficking in drugs.
    • Is there any evidence upon which a jury properly instructed could return a verdict of guilty?
    • After deliberating for just over two and a half hours the jury returned a unanimous verdict of guilty of manslaughter.
  • 2

    (for contest)
    jurado masculino
    • The jury has selected the film under the non-feature film category, say the producers.
    • All juries will be selected online from new system developed by Yahoo.
    • Special prizes will be granted to winners selected by an expert jury in early December.
    • Every three years, a jury selects a person considered to be the most promising director in Ontario.
    • The contest will be judged by a partial jury for entertainment value.
    • Over 500 entries were screened by four juries consisting of three judges each, which speaks to the growing strength of the film and television industry in Alberta.
    • Those of us who have played in juries or competitions open ourselves up to evaluation and, in fact, desire the insight these experiences provide.
    • These are books that juries have selected as finalists for the ultimate Pulitzer Prize.
    • In addition to his work at the Museum of Modern Art, Barr served on the advisory boards of other museums and the juries of art competitions.
    • At the end of the summer school a jury selects the most successful team.
    • From now on street musicians will be judged by a jury at an annual festival, and the melodically challenged will be banished.
    • The jury judges the promotional campaign on strategy, creativity, and effectiveness.
    • The jury selected by the organisers may include members from within their ranks.