Traducción de juryman en Español:


jurado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒʊərɪmən//ˈdʒʊriˌmæn//ˈdʒʊrimən/

nombrePlural jurymen

  • 1

    jurado masculino
    miembro de un jurado masculino
    • He does not know how to bow politely to the court, how to invoke in flowery language the attention of the District Attorney or how to arouse the sympathetic interest of his peers - the jurymen.
    • Having a majority of eleven against him, the wise juryman consented to a merciful verdict of death by misadventure.
    • This is another case in which the profit motive had conflicted with, and indeed blotted out, the object of the exercise, which was to obtain a supply of jurymen.
    • In the end the jurymen are divided in their decision, and Athena casts the deciding vote, acquitting Orestes.
    • They were not to hold meetings, or to sit on assizes, or to be empanelled as jurymen, for any cause whatever; but were to be excluded from every office, for ever more.
    • In Bushell's case habeas corpus was used to release a juryman who had been gaoled for returning what the court regarded as a perverse verdict.
    • To this, Meletus names jurymen, councilors and many others.
    • But the juryman votes for acquittal anyway, reflecting that philosophers sometimes err.
    • Have you interviewed the jurymen who are to sit at the Assizes?
    • Looking ahead I saw a chair set out in the middle of the floor… Around the chair sat several tables and chairs where the jurymen sat.
    • However, the reason for rejecting the unanimity principle was itself very Russian; it was argued that one juryman should not be allowed to thwart the will of eleven others.
    • This abandonment of common sense and reason is dangerous, particularly when scientists consider themselves to be the only persons fit enough to serve as jurymen in law courts.
    • For example, trial-by-jury orders the behavior of participants into roles such as defendant, prosecutor, defense counsel, juryman, judge.
    • When a New York provincial attorney challenged jurymen's right to be ‘Judges of Law,’ the defense insisted on their judicial discretion.
    • The Full Court of Victoria nonetheless dismissed the appeal from this tongue-tied judge - your Honour - who thought he was a juryman.
    • In early modern Germany the propertied social strata, as jurymen, participated in the local jurisdiction; thus local notables in part determined which cases reached the lower courts.
    • But look, if true belief and knowledge were the same thing, then an excellent juryman wouldn't have a correct belief without knowledge.