Traducción de just war en Español:

just war

guerra justa, n.



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    guerra justa femenino
    • For the best part of 150 years, progressive opinion has seen the Civil War as a just war.
    • I think this will be a just war, although all conflict is unwelcome, because sometimes it is the least bad option.
    • It is a serious budget for a serious war - a just war that must be fought, won and paid for.
    • Wars, even just wars like World War II, are inherently awful, but sometimes they are necessary, and sometimes, as in Kosovo, bombing actually works.
    • Because of this, the war could not be seen as a just war, and would set a terrible precedent for the future conduct of international affairs.
    • Most other parliamentarians are wary of upsetting the prevailing orthodoxy that this war is a just war.
    • The Second World War was a just war, but the Allies did not always fight it with just means.
    • Most states believe that all their wars are just wars, but reality often differs.
    • On this basis alone, it might be said, the just war argument fails.
    • Because of this influence very responsible people and social leaders argue for justifiable anger and even just wars.