Traducción de jute en Español:


yute, n.

Pronunciación /dʒuːt//dʒut/


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    yute masculino
    • People now use reusable bags, commonly woven from jute, creating another industry with associated economic benefit.
    • Then, like magpies, they hurry back to their workshop loaded with wisps of lace and coils of steel mesh, strands of silk and ropes of jute.
    • About 200 yardages produced with natural fibres like cotton, wool, silk, and jute in natural dyes and the different structures using different counts of yarn are being displayed in the show.
    • There were different weaves in jute and blends of jute with cotton and silk.
    • In fact, the cloth made of cotton, silk, and jute has lovely shades of mauve, brown, blue, and white.
    • This superfine cloth comes from our own traditional handlooms woven out of natural fibres like cotton, linen, silk, wool, jute, etc. and soaked in natural dyes.
    • I go back and find some odd things like rope and natural jute twine packaged for the crafts market.
    • This information will show whether it is profitable for a farmer to produce fibre from kenaf and jute,’ he said.
    • Fabrics with 60 per cent cotton, 20 per cent jute and 20 per cent silk give a silky finish and are suited for all occasions.
    • The jute and silk blended saris, available at some shops such as Nalli's, are eco-friendly; they come in double shades or light colours.