Traducción de Kaffir lime en Español:

Kaffir lime

combava, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkæfər ˌlaɪm/


Botánica Cocina

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    combava femenino
    • But the salmon was overcooked, and the dish failed to sing, its aromatic filaments of kaffir lime leaf notwithstanding.
    • If you've got more room in the garden you can grow your own kaffir lime leaves but be warned, this small citrus tree has vicious spikes so needs a bit of space around it.
    • The name kaffir lime derives from Asia rather than South Africa, perhaps from Indian Muslims who encountered the fruit as an import from Thailand and Sri Lanka, where non-Muslims predominated.
    • Drizzle the plate with the kaffir lime leaf oil.
    • Magrood, also known as kaffir lime, is a citrus tree grown in Southeast Asia for its flavorful leaves and the peel of its fruit.