Traducción de kangaroo en Español:


canguro, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkæŋɡəˈru//ˌkaŋɡəˈruː/

nombrePlural kangaroos

  • 1

    canguro masculino
    • It is a fact that we are cousins of gorillas, kangaroos, starfish, and bacteria.
    • Others later compared it to the sound of a kangaroo, or marsupials such as quolls.
    • Scientists have already developed working contraceptives for kangaroos.
    • This year's Olympic Games turned the world's eye to the country of koalas and kangaroos.
    • However, there are no fossils of animals which appear to be intermediate between possums and kangaroos.
    • Even in rural Australia, however, kangaroos may have been less plentiful in the face of systematic destruction by pastoralists.
    • Australia did produce some giant forms such as giant kangaroos, which are now extinct.
    • Thousands of years ago, there were giant kangaroos, huge wombats and six-metre long goannas.
    • Officials ask how Australia and the United States would take to being told they couldn't hunt kangaroos or deer.
    • I had expected to find kangaroos, platypus and the various other marsupials.
    • The village itself was a bit of a tourist trap but we did get to see some crocs, cuddle a koala, feed some kangaroos, get bitten by a parrot.
    • The jaguar is as much a symbol of Belize as the kangaroo is of Australia.
    • The forelimbs are smaller than the hindlimbs, but the disparity in size is not as great as in kangaroos and wallabies.
    • In the wild, its main food supply consists of small wallabies and kangaroos, birds, lizards and probably frogs and crayfish.
    • This laconic roller of his own cigarettes was an authority on Australian marsupials, especially the kangaroos.
    • Several of the early timber splitters regularly hunted kangaroos or possums to solve this problem.
    • This group includes all of the pouched animals, such as oppossums, kangaroos, and Tasmanian devils.
    • It enables such animals as kangaroos to run faster than their muscles alone can take them.
    • I was surrounded by at least a dozen baby kangaroos, wallabies, or koalas all my life.
    • He is not even sure of what distinguishes a large wallaby from a small kangaroo.