Traducción de kaput en Español:


Pronunciación /kɑˈpʊt//kəˈpʊt//kəˈpʊt/



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    to be kaput estar kaput coloquial
    • the business went kaput el negocio se fue al traste / al hoyo
    • ‘The prices are just so different, the systems are so different, everything is going to go kaput,’ he added.
    • Now, he told me, the ‘big way’ of thinking is finished, kaput.
    • The air conditioning's kaput and it's like a furnace.
    • I got involved in a business venture that went kaput.
    • So many people are willing to pay $2000 for this thing that the company's website was kaput for most of yesterday.
    • It's probably just coincidence that it went kaput shortly after being plugged into a PC for the first time, which I don't think it was too happy about.
    • She also loves the air circulated by the fan and within a minute of the fan being switched off, either by the maid to clean the room or if the electricity goes kaput, she puckers her mouth and begins to cry!
    • In this case, Tino of all people is the loser: for he has once again been suckered into coming into Panera only to find that the network is kaput.
    • Somewhere on the expressway the engine went kaput.
    • The video went kaput early on and its rewind button hadn't worked to begin with.
    • According to The San Francisco Chronicle, his game has been kaput for the whole season - and he's fallen to 24th in the rankings - as a direct result of his club trouble.
    • Well, my conspiracy was pretty much dead, kaput, nada.
    • But that's ok as I had to drop my computer off to be fixed, the internal modem is kaput, and I'll be without it during my busiest time since being here.
    • If, on the other hand, the developer's trade association challenges the regulation in the D.C. Circuit, and wins, the regulation is kaput nationwide.
    • He had just interviewed the Prime Minister and had come away from Number 10 Downing Street convinced that the Labour leader was just about kaput politically.
    • Your two front tyres are kaput, they'll need replacing.
    • This means, obviously, the resolution is kaput, and the United States has no reason to wait until March 17.
    • This time the bad news is that our dishwasher is kaput.
    • If you had a car and it made a terrible rattle you'd have it checked out immediately instead of waiting to for it to go kaput, the same principle applies to marriage.
    • I was just about done, finished, kaput, when I saw the sign up ahead.