Traducción de karaoke en Español:


karaoke, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkarɪˈəʊki//ˌkɛriˈoʊki/


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    karaoke masculino
    karaoke bar karaoke masculino
    • karaoke club club de karaoke
    • karaoke machine karaoke
    • Dunbar was still working in pubs and clubs, singing and hosting karaoke nights.
    • We went upstairs for fish and chips and they made us sing songs for the karaoke.
    • That's because people are singing it in karaoke bars and things like that.
    • Venues are shutting down, while pubs and bars are more interested in staging karaoke nights.
    • He was a Bolton Wanderers fan and enjoyed going to the pub to perform karaoke songs.
    • A karaoke night was organised but there were a few technical difficulties on the night.
    • Either way, Mike finds himself sorely missing their late night dancing and karaoke sessions.
    • After the cabaret had performed, the rest of the evening was spent with karaoke singing.
    • However, up until very recently, your average karaoke bar was a frightfully seedy affair.
    • The ditties were belted out by participants in the town's attempt to set a world record for karaoke singing.
    • No one was there, so he took us around the corner to this karaoke bar and got us wasted.
    • The function room is being redecorated, with new equipment for karaoke and live entertainment.
    • On this night a half dozen members get together to eat dinner and sing karaoke at his home.
    • Just because you can sing a karaoke song really well doesn't mean you should be famous.
    • MEN are more romantic than women when it comes to singing love songs on karaoke nights.
    • Every karaoke bar is filled with people who want to sing this - but shouldn't.
    • Here and there, others also report the opening of small restaurants and karaoke bars.
    • After a few drinks we mounted a quest to try and find the local karaoke bar.
    • I sang some new karaoke songs without anyone pressing the cancel button and we drank more.
    • She is a full-time mum and housewife who enjoys singing at her local karaoke.