Traducción de keeper en Español:


guarda, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkipər//ˈkiːpə/


  • 1

    (in zoo) guarda femenino
    (in zoo) cuidador masculino
    (in zoo) cuidadora femenino
    (in museum) conservador masculino Britanico
    (in museum) conservadora femenino Britanico
    gamekeeper guarda masculino
    • She began to lose her sight five years ago, causing her to become timid, irritable and even attack animal keepers on occasion.
    • It was only with great difficulty that the animal keepers were able to herd Rita away to safety on such occasions.
    • Some argue that the zoo staff, especially the animal keepers should be trained in the art of ‘presenting’ the animal to the visitors in an engaging manner.
    • Mony was born nine years ago at the zoo, and over time has become a favourite with the animal keepers.
    • I watched as people fed sweet popcorn to the animals as their supposed keepers stood idly watching.
    • Right now, the animal keepers from the circus stay at the zoo, attending to all the needs of the chimps.
    • Poor funding and underpaid animal keepers make the conditions for some of the animals almost unbearable.
    • The new keeper of the mineral collection at the university, Dr. Bill Minarik, took attendees to view the collection.
    • Wheeler is now the keeper and head of entomology at the Natural History Museum in London.
    • The keeper of the Yorkshire Museum, who examined the skull, said that it did not belong to a fully grown person and might be medieval.
    • But Craig Barclay, keeper of numismatics at the Yorkshire Museum, said he was not surprised to see such a coin coming up for auction.
    • The coin had been earlier reported to Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, where it is being researched by keeper of coins Dr Mark Blackburn.
    • The keepers are warning people not to play with the animal if they see it, as it has sharp canine teeth that can inflict serious bites.
    • The keeper of the William Morris Gallery, Norah Gillow, took a more positive view.
    • Scientists and keepers try to help animals breed naturally.
    • Some of these plastic items are detected and removed by the animal keepers.
    • The pets' corner was left in the temporary care of another council employee while the keeper took a break between June 20 and July 13.
    • The museum's keeper of environmental records Colin Howes was delighted to discover that it was the first recorded sighting of them in Doncaster.
    • His most controversial policy is encouraging the keepers to develop close relationships with the animals.
    • After the war he was appointed keeper of archaeology in the National Museum of Wales but in 1926 he left Wales to become Director of the London Museum.
    • When individual animals seem unable to reproduce, keepers can call in physiologists to diagnose possible biological problems.
    • This makes them feel quite comfortable and they love walking up and down the enclosure, says one of the animal keepers, Mari.
    • The keeper of environmental records at the museum, Colin Howes, said the ring ouzel was the first specimen they had ever received from the South Yorkshire area.
    • For Lydia, the exhibition marks her first as assistant keeper at the museum, where her grandparents were once volunteer guides.
    • The keeper of special collections there, Richard Ovenden, has been striving mightily to raise the necessary millions.
    • Dr Newman taught at the University of Bangor, North Wales, and then returned to York to become keeper of military history at the Castle Museum.
    • In addition to providing objects and hiding food, some of the enrichment activities also help the keepers care for the animals.
    • The animal has been described as looking like a pipe cleaner by his keepers and joins animals including deer and reindeer.
    • Christian Rumelin is assistant keeper of prints and twentieth-century art at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.
    • Daniel Smith, keeper of social history at the museum, tells me they recently received a large collection of old photographs featuring Poppy's work.
    • If the animal keepers find someone teasing the animals, they warn him or ask him to leave, they claim.
    • Chris Barclay, keeper of archaeology and curator of the museum, joined Hull Council only a few weeks ago but has already been awed by the scale of the development.
    • A team headed by dinosaur expert and the museum's keeper of geology Dr Phil Manning, have prepared, conserved and interpreted the find.
    • The collection's keeper, Selena Skipwith, is buoyant in her determination that this should be only the start.
    • Furthermore, animal keepers have been ordered to add herbal medicines to their animals food and water to build up their resistance to the heat.
    • The keeper withdraws, prompting the animal to slowly return to a corner of the enclosure.
    • The museum's keeper of natural sciences, Stephen Hewitt, said he was ‘delighted’ to be given the collection.
    • According to animal keepers, hippos by nature require their ‘corner of the pool’ in the enclosure.
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    • With an absent goalkeeper Bex Holt and Emma Rutherford both did well as substitute keepers and were named players of the match for bravely taking up the challenge.
    • The keeper and a defender went for the same ball and then left it for each other, allowing the speculative shot to hit the empty net.
    • Two half chances at either end did not tax the defences or keepers.
    • Quick feet, lightening turns and shots taken early often mean that a half-chance is often nestling in the goal before the keeper has a sniff of it.
    • It is time a new young keeper was selected and given a fair run at the top.
    • To have a good team you have to have a good keeper and our goalkeeper is very good.
    • When he reached the penalty area he drove the ball low to the home keeper's left only to be thwarted by an excellent save.
    • It's always nice when a fellow goalkeeper wins something because us keepers normally get overlooked in favour of strikers.
    • He rarely misses the target, which is worrying for all keepers.
    • I just caught the ball perfectly and it somehow bounced over the keeper.
    • The ball struck the underside of the bar and bounced clear with the keeper rooted to the spot.
    • He has proved himself to be a top keeper since he has been in English football.
    • With two excellent keepers and two quick strikers on offer it will be a case of who can make the most telling breakthrough?
    • It was the Blackburn keeper's second penalty save of the competition.
    • It would have been a very good save but it was one you'd expect an international keeper to make.
    • Well as a wicket-keeper, did you often feel a greater affinity, or that you had more in common with the other keepers in opposition teams than with your own team-mates?
    • He quickly became a legend with his dazzling skills that left defenders flat footed and an eye for goal that made keepers wince.
    • Sixty seconds later, he swerved away from the keeper's clawing gloves to stroke home his 21st goal of an astounding debut campaign.
    • But they do a lot of work in training with me and we emphasise hitting the target and making the keeper work.
    • The Italian has been one of the best keepers in English football for quite a while now and it would be cruel if he were to spend the majority of this season on the bench.