Traducción de keepsake en Español:


recuerdo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkipˌseɪk//ˈkiːpseɪk/


  • 1

    recuerdo masculino
    • The wallet was stuffed full of pictures, letters, keepsakes and prayer cards.
    • I am interested in the relationship between large monuments and memorials and small mementos, charms, and keepsakes, and I hope to question some of the set notions about their comparative importance.
    • I opened one box of journals and keepsakes and there I found an old autograph book that was given to me when I moved from the Midwest at eight years old.
    • This form of altered book will be a keepsake for your family for decades to come.
    • So on the top shelf of her closet I have some keepsakes: a blanket her father bought when she was a few months old, a CD he made, a book he picked out.
    • Someday this will be a wonderful keepsake for my children and grandchildren.
    • Vikings also used to keep bear claws as necklaces or simple keepsakes - with some found during the Coppergate excavation which led to the founding of the Jorvik Viking Centre.
    • Family photos and diaries that had been on desks were being passed on for relatives to identify and preserve as keepsakes.
    • This becomes a treasured keepsake and a priceless gift.
    • She is a sentimental person who would not dream of parting with diaries, photos, ornaments and keepsakes.
    • We also stored old photographs and keepsakes in it.
    • Passenger lists were keepsakes, and they often included attractive cover designs and copies of paintings, posters, and drawings.
    • Jean had been carrying the cash and the precious keepsakes in her handbag because she had been burgled and did not think it safe to leave them in the house.
    • People's anecdotes and keepsakes will be used to help make a local history film and put on an exhibition in the village.
    • His new apartment is decorated with keepsakes from his yearly month-long sojourns around the world.
    • He gave the youth a yellow package of letters and keepsakes to deliver to his family.
    • For those who are looking for something smaller from the Far North, there is a rich profusion of hand-woven articles and intricately carved boxes and keepsakes.
    • It serves to jog my memory and will certainly become a keepsake for my children.
    • Customers usually consider these photographs as very special keepsakes and often seek out high-end framing to give their keepsake the best treatment possible.
    • A sketchbook can also be like a diary, in the sense that it is a keepsake of memories, interests and observations from this time in a student's life.