Traducción de kettle en Español:


pava, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɛt(ə)l//ˈkɛdl/


  • 1

    (for boiling water)
    pava femenino
    tetera femenino México Andes
    caldera femenino Uruguay Bolivia
    • How can a silent teapot, a kettle of boiling water and the delicate aroma of tea possibly compete?
    • They all used water boiled in the kettle to make drinks.
    • The most typical images show the expansive cooking fireplace with a substantial fire blazing away and assorted pots and kettles nearby.
    • Reports from the prison say the officer was attacked by a prisoner with boiling water from a kettle and received severe scalding to his face and hands.
    • As a toddler, he was badly scalded after pulling a kettle of boiling water over himself.
    • The steam rises from the kettle, she pours boiling water into the cup, stirs in milk, begins the ritual of adding sugar.
    • Water was boiled in kettles, saucepans and other containers on the top of the stove, and baking done in the oven.
    • I put it in a large mixing bowl with a capful of detergent and poured boiling water from a kettle onto the square.
    • Jugged hare appeared in recipe books in the early 18th century, the meat and blood placed in a jug and cooked within a larger kettle of water.
    • I move swiftly, filling the kettle with water and allowing it to boil.
    • Chinese products like toasters, cordless kettles, egg cookers, solar-powered garden lights, toys, toy watches, etc., are compelling but cheap.
    • I filled the kettle with water and put it on to boil.
    • Pour the water from the kettle into a roasting tin, deep enough to come halfway up the cake tin.
    • I had to boil up the water in an old kettle with a frayed wire.
    • Coppersmiths were essential to the manufacture of the pans, kettles, and other objects used in the homes and sugar mills.
    • If at any point the sauce starts to go grainy and curdle, then add a tiny splash of boiling water from the kettle.
    • A coffee pot, a kettle and a couple of pans containing rice and cari poule rested on a steel grill suspended over the embers.
    • As he rattled cups and spoons and kettles, I examined the box of teabags and tried to think of something charming to say.
    • He heard her turning the tap on, pouring cold water into the kettle.
    • She poured water into the modem kettle she had brought only a few months ago and plugged it into the socket on the wall, before flicking the switch and waiting.
  • 2fish kettle

    (recipiente alargado para cocer pescado) besuguera femenino

verbo transitivo


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    aplicar el kettling