Traducción de khaki en Español:


caqui, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkæki//ˈkæki//ˈkɑːki//ˈkɑːki/


  • 1

    caqui masculino
    kaki masculino
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    caqui masculino
    • Men in khaki did not complain about the scorching sun or the mirthful crowd.
    • His all-time favourite was a little World War One khaki cloth package containing picture postcards.
    • They walked into town wearing khaki uniforms, each had a bold colour patch on his back to identify his status.
    • The temperament of men in khaki differs dramatically from state to state.
    • No longer in khaki uniform, he is now working from home, in an effort to appear impartial.
    • Only men in khaki - posted at the intersections on the route - are there to suggest that all is not well.
    • Smartly turned out in khaki uniform, the women kept pace with their male counterparts.
    • Jack charged into St Andrew's House at 7am wearing a khaki jacket and a military hard-hat.
    • Due to a shortage of police uniforms, they wore a mixture of military khaki and dark police green.
    • We had khaki overalls but when we finished our shift, we were covered from head to toe in white dust.
    • The jacket is manufactured from wool and has khaki cloth patches on the elbows.
    • They always used to issue us with khaki overalls and leather gloves.
    • For a while, in those early days, Bolton seemed like a garrison town, the streets full of men in khaki.
    • He slid the handgun into the waistband of his khaki pants and he turned and walked once more across the room to an elevator.
    • His was in drab khaki, like that supplied to the military.
    • He was hooked nonetheless, and the cloth was abandoned for khaki.
    • Day in and day out the men in khaki lay down their lives for the call of duty.
    • The bauxite in the soil gives the ground a distinct red colour and you cannot avoid covering your khaki boots in the red dust.
    • This mixture gave them the appearance of being in khaki and dark police uniform.
    • Much to the amusement of the car driver, the man in khaki fished out a couple of hundred rupee notes towards compensation.
  • 3khakis plural

    pantalones caqui masculino
    pantalones de soldado masculino
    he was still in khakis when we met todavía era soldado cuando nos conocimos
    • The chairman wore his now trademark open-necked blue shirt, blue blazer and khakis.
    • I could tell by looking at him that he also had muscles under his tee shirt and khakis.
    • She opened it to find Tyler on the doorstep, dressed in khakis and a yellow polo shirt.
    • He was casually dressed in a blue sweater over a dress shirt and khakis.
    • It's definitely acceptable to wear loafers without socks when wearing khakis.
    • It was wonderfully sunny earlier and many people were tempted outside in khakis and cropped trousers.
    • Every woman loves a man in his khakis and every man will love how easy these are to match.
    • They're considered a tad dressier than khakis or jeans, but remember that they are not formal in any way.
    • From the back, he looked normal enough with a polo shirt, khakis, and a wedding ring.
    • It is also important to have several pairs of khakis, in black, brown, dark blue and beige.
    • Branson never wears a suit and tie; he prefers old jeans or khakis with sports shirts.
    • I normally wear them to the gym but I also put them on with jeans, khakis, or cargos for a casual weekend look.
    • Your new cardigan can be worn over a T-shirt with jeans, corduroy pants or khakis.
    • He looked to be in his forties, dressed in a collared polo shirt and khakis.
    • He prefers wearing khakis and sweaters to wearing pinstripes and suspenders.
    • I would go with two pairs of tan khakis, you want to have an extra pair in case you spill something on one of them.
    • I was surprised to see a young man, wearing khakis and a white polo shirt, standing there smiling at me.
    • You can dress it up with khakis and a dress shirt, or just toss it over some jeans and a hoodie.
    • They look great with khakis, jeans or even dressier pants for dinner or dancing.
    • We went up to my room, and I changed into a polo shirt and khakis.


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    (invariable adjective) caqui
    (invariable adjective) kaki