Traducción de Khmer en Español:


jemer, n.

Pronunciación /kəˈmɛ(ə)r//kmɛː/


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    jemer masculino
    khmer masculino
    the Khmer Rouge los jemeres rojos
    • Many prostitutes are trafficked from Viet Nam, but most are ethnic Khmers, the majority race in Cambodia.
    • The Khmer saw the tracks of the truck, however, and decided to emerge from the jungle.
    • Christian converts returned from refugee camps and foreign countries, and Christianity has established a strong foothold among ethnic Khmers.
    • Vietnam's minority population consists of Chinese, Khmers, and a variety of highland ethnic groups.
    • A central plank of the plan was the return of 300,000 Khmer from the Thai border.
    • I quickly came to remember why the Khmer have a reputation for huge smiles.
    • While the driver hoisted our bags into the bed of the truck, the Khmers arranged them against one side and immediately sat on them, giving us just enough room to precariously perch ourselves around the edge.
    • Eighty-four per cent of the population are ethnic Vietnamese, 2 per cent ethnic Chinese, and the remainder are Khmers, Chams, and members of some sixty ethno-linguistic groups each with its own language and culture.
    • We Khmers are Buddhists and believe in the impermanent nature of things.
    • Of course it was the Burmese, not the Khmer, who successfully laid siege to and then sacked Ayutthaya in 1767.
    • As a result, more than half of the Cambodian Communists and 4 of the 10 people who led the Khmers to victory in 1975, were also destroyed.
    • Since the organization is based in America, not Thailand, the Khmers do not see this as a concession.
    • Along with age-old border disputes, this is a thorny issue for Khmers, and bodes ill for the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese living in Cambodia.