Traducción de kick-boxing en Español:


kickboxing, n.


Pronunciación /ˈkɪk ˌbɑksɪŋ///


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    kickboxing masculino
    • Also, I did a lot more exercise than I normally do, and tried some extraordinary sports, like kick-boxing and water aerobics, and felt physically better than I had in years.
    • I started Pilates, I'm doing tai chi and kick-boxing, and I've even done the saxophone to help my breathing.
    • Reportedly he's taken a new approach to his training this offseason, involving kick-boxing.
    • I've just started kick-boxing lessons which are a great help.
    • He is also said to claim he is afraid of fireworks, no longer enjoys ju-jitsu and kick-boxing and is depressed about television shows containing gunfire, said the paper.
    • She was tutored by many professionals to sky-dive, white water raft, handle any kind of weaponry and she was a professional in jujitsu, karate, tae kwon do, kick-boxing and tai-chi.
    • Paul is quite sporty anyway and does kick-boxing as well.
    • There are also many alternative sports that mix teamwork and individual performance such as kick-boxing or Kendo.
    • Many certifications currently promote different styles of aerobic kick-boxing.
    • Yoga, kick-boxing and tae kwon do, among other activities, are part of the program.
    • The 20-year-old faced an opponent with more than 50 fights under his belt in boxing and kick-boxing.
    • People patiently wait in a queue talking about topics including tree preservation orders and social security payments while enthusiastic kids in kick-boxing suits run in and out of the centre.
    • Thai kick-boxing is a very popular spectator sport and is regularly televised.
    • So I stopped eating fried foods and stopped eating bread after 2 o'clock, and started taking up kick-boxing, which is a really good workout.
    • It is a fun packed routine using moves from kick-boxing, karate and aerobics.
    • A kick-boxing instructor is appealing for help to raise cash so talented youngsters can compete in a European contest.
    • A chance for martial arts fans to learn Thai kick-boxing is coming soon.
    • John became involved in kick-boxing and self-defence as a result of a bad childhood experience.
    • I've been into kick-boxing and karate for several years, and I practice one or the other just about every day.
    • She told me last week she once did kick-boxing and was interested in taking it up again when she moves to Sheffield!