Traducción de kicker en Español:


pateador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɪkər//ˈkɪkə/


  • 1

    pateador masculino
    pateadora femenino
    • They rolled him onto his back and I realized that it was Tom Jackson, the kicker for the football team.
    • This will eliminate unapproved high kicking tees that kickers have used to give their forwards a high hanging ball.
    • He tells his players there are no kickers on his team - no specialists.
    • Slipping on a kick is a kicker's nightmare because once you slip there's nothing you can do.
    • Archibald found himself lining up the kick as normal kicker Noble had lost a contact lens in the build-up to the score.
    • The team is replacing its kicker, punter and top returner.
    • He started out as a defender, moved to midfield and remained there in high school - where he was also the kicker for the football team.
    • Add it all up, and that's barely an hour a day meeting and practicing with special teams players other than the kicker and punter.
    • Don't be surprised if the team signs a premier kicker and/or punter.
    • But he didn't panic and his third effort, from a very tight angle for a left-footed kicker, flew between the posts.
    • Naturally left-footed, Southwell has now become one of the main kickers, for club and country, in defence and attack.
    • These kickers can kick long fields goals, play with good offenses and do not miss many kicks.
    • On the other side Kilkenny's kickers had the kind of day any kicker dreads.
    • The Titans line up to kick off once again, but this time their kicker isn't wearing a jersey because he thinks it was bad luck last time around.
    • Like all kickers, you have good days and bad days, and I have no hesitation in saying Saturday was obviously a good day, and I enjoyed it.
    • The quarterback specializes in throwing, wide receivers catch, running backs run, lineman block and kickers kick, but none of them are experts in all areas.
    • I was a punter, the kicker, I kicked the extra points.
    • Some people don't even consider kickers football players because so few take or deliver hits.
    • Joe was the kicker for our football team and had a very skinny frame.
    • And while neither side managed to cross the line for a try both had excellent kickers.
  • 2

    • 2.1US informal (surprise)

      the news was a real kicker la noticia nos dejó helados (or me dejó helado etc.)
      • And there's a kicker at the end, as cleverly foreshadowed by this link…
      • This brings us to the economic kicker: surely, as the capabilities of the drone increase, so will its cost.
      • Now here's the kicker: the social exchange version of the problem doesn't just activate this left-brain network.
      • But here's the real kicker - the diseased prions took much longer to transform the artificial prions into diseased prions.
      • Then came the kicker: ‘I got kicked out of my own apartment,’ he recalls.
      • Here's the kicker: she moved to Hollywood, changed her name, and became Ann Sothern.
      • But here's the kicker, we market it straight at kids.
      • But here's the kicker: Qualitative change in adulthood isn't inevitable.
      • But here's the kicker: this character investment greatly augments the action scenes.
      • In any event, the kicker will be what Costello is waiting gleefully to exploit: how will they pay for it?

    • 2.2US informal (added inducement)

      the kicker was the low price they were asking lo que nos atraía era lo poco que pedían

    • 2.3US informal (catch, drawback)

      trampa femenino
      problema masculino
      pega femenino España coloquial
      • Mount a kicker to your transom without marring up the back of your boat with screw-down clamps.
      • There are a couple reasons for wanting to install an auxiliary outboard (or ‘kicker’ engine) on a boat.