Traducción de kingmaker en Español:


persona de gran influencia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɪŋˌmeɪkər//ˈkɪŋmeɪkə/


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    persona de gran influencia
    • The import of his letter is that as Chairman of the Council of kingmakers, he could not provide leadership.
    • Now with his foray into the electoral area, he has the makings of a political kingmaker.
    • Most likely the right-wing majority calculated that their presence at the speech would have focused attention on their unprecedented role as kingmakers in the presidential contest.
    • Brown & Root has long been a kingmaker in Texas politics.
    • He is seen as a potential kingmaker and wields considerable power already in managing parliamentary business and pulling MSP levers on its committees.
    • As a founder of the southern wing of the Republican Party, he became a presidential kingmaker and a key figure in turning courts back to the right.
    • Oil exporters have become financial kingmakers as real oil prices have leapt 170 per cent in real terms since 2001 to 25-year highs.
    • This turns ‘swing-voters’ into kingmakers even when they don't deserve to be.
    • Fringe candidates are the new kingmakers and king-breakers.
    • In recent years, the man who was once beaten down by a firestorm of criticism has transformed himself into a political kingmaker and a celebrity icon.
    • Certainly he is one the party's most credible performers, but he is more likely to play the role of a kingmaker than a king.
    • It was a commercial flop, but made waves with critics and industry kingmakers.
    • He said it was the rights of the kingmakers to enthrone whosoever as per their tradition, and only present him formally to the administration as a collaborator in that society.
    • Historians know it too as the home of Tudor kingmakers, of Georgian kings and of the artists who followed in their train.
    • Can you come up with a leader of an industrialized Western nation who rose to power as the puppet of wealthy industrialist kingmakers, but turned out to be a True Believer who those kingmakers could not control?
    • Labour came into the election clinging onto power by just one seat - thanks to help from the Lib Dems, who acted as kingmakers with their four councillors.
    • ‘The kingmaker can kingmake as much as he likes but the chance is there to take him on now,’ said a Labour insider.
    • He is targeting for at least 40 MPs so that he would not only be the kingmaker, but can become king, too.
    • What the Democrats do have is a mother lode of celebrity kibitzers, hangers-on, wannabes, kingmakers, cause-stars and flirts.
    • Apparently, the Kurds are the kingmakers at the moment.