Traducción de kit en Español:


Pronunciación /kɪt//kɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(set of items)

      sewing kit costurero masculino
      • tool kit caja de herramientas
      • travel kit neceser de viajes

    • 1.2(parts for assembly)

      kit masculino
      a model car kit un coche para armar
      • before noun it comes in kit form venden el kit / las partes (y uno lo arma)
      • A variety of these all-weather tents are available in kits costing from $2,900 to $5,900.
      • The association is also urging the FAA to allow imported aircraft kits to be put together without requiring a production certificate.
      • Assembly kits range in suitability from young children to senior citizens.
      • Every pack comes with a two free ‘make it yourself’ aircraft kits.
      • Sixty workers from Lucent Technology in Westlea spent the afternoon assembling the bike kits before handing them over to their new owners.
      • The first mass-production car-builder in Britain was Ford's, which initially assembled imported kits from the USA.
      • The pilot had bought the aircraft in kit form and spent five months constructing it.
      • Instead of being produced in a plant, the vehicle comes in a more than 500 piece kit, ready for assembly.
      • I assembled the kit according to instructions.
      • Nick Robshaw, 22, has spent the last 18 months helping his dad, Brian, and neighbour Phil Jenkinson, build a kit aircraft.
      • The kit and the assembly manual are more than just a little reminiscent of a certain Swedish furniture store…
      • Model car kits are highly collectable and dealer Bob Dobinson tells Giles Chapman that to some fans even their smell is something special
      • Garage kits contain everything from plans to roofing, and simplify everything from the permit process to the actual construction.
      • Right now, he has some 1,000 kits waiting to be assembled.
      • Airplane kits and aircraft materials were shipped from both locations.
      • When customers began to ask for assembled radios, employees took the kits home and assembled them for extra money.
      • BMC set about developing plants in Belgium, Spain and Italy that could assemble cars from kits manufactured in the UK.
      • A mantel kit usually comes partially assembled with a surround that you can cut to suit the dimensions of your fireplace.
      • So I went to their website to see about ordering a replacement assembly kit.
      • Even World War II aircraft kits are being hit with royalty demands.

  • 2

    • 2.1(equipment)

      equipo masculino
      fishing kit equipo de pesca
      • Hold on to your shaving kit, a fresh shirt and a change of underwear.
      • You can buy special kits containing sanitised hypodermic needles and blood plasma for travel to underdeveloped countries.
      • First-aid kits are readily available from Boots and other pharmacies in a range of sizes.
      • He dropped out of an architecture degree course at 20 and bought a drum kit.
      • Celebrity makeup artist Meg Thompson has created a makeup kit for young women that even mothers would approve of.
      • As the divers assembled their kit we discussed the plan for the day.
      • On some of the trips we have had around the world, if you didn't take your own kit you had to fish with some pretty awful stuff.
      • In the first-aid kit there is also a guide on using basic tools and equipment in emergency situations.
      • He says that the ancient Greeks used lavender honey to heal wounds; in World War II, lavender was part of soldiers' burn kits.
      • Aid began pouring in yesterday, with the Red Cross sending 400 first-aid kits to the affected area.
      • I bought a drum kit, was taking lessons and everything.
      • The gardener's therapy kit contains really good hand cream and a relaxing bath soak.
      • This means my kit has supplies and equipment to handle local emergencies as well as the extremes found in the mountains and desert.
      • Parents worried that their children are taking drugs have turned to £12 do-it-yourself testing kits.
      • The kit contains a chef's knife, a serrated knife, a thin long knife for slicing meat, a boning knife, a paring knife, and a pair of scissors.
      • The kits included pencils and paper, but also a calculator.
      • I asked her what the problem was, and she told me that she had missed her period, and had checked herself out with a pregnancy-testing kit, and that it had proved positive.
      • Divers rummaging here have found bottles of cold cream, canisters of celluloid photographic film, silver salt cellars, printing stamps, shaving kits, and lead soldiers.
      • The task team said there was no basic medical emergency equipment such as a first-aid kit or oxygen.
      • Make sure you pack an emergency travel kit containing plenty of survival items.

    • 2.2(personal effects, gear)

      cosas femenino
      Militar petate masculino
      • One of the major differences in operating procedures was what the average soldier was carrying in his kit.
      • In the past, a soldier's sense of being part of a broader purpose suppressed moans about kit.
      • First, they are heavy, and adding them to a soldier's kit that already includes ammunitions, rations, and other heavy items may be undesirable.
      • It is light enough that each man in a patrol can carry several Claymores along with his regular kit, weapon and ammo.
      • In fact, most servicemen would not trust their wives to iron their kit, says one Royal Marines officer.
      • Many have spent hundreds of pounds customising their kit from army surplus stores ahead of being deployed to the Middle East.
      • Of course the kit was clean: soldiers spend hours cleaning their equipment.
      • Mrs Roberts has called on the Defence Secretary to quit his Cabinet job over failures to get vital kit to soldiers.
      • Soldiers packed tents and kits to move to new positions in readiness for the imminent assault.
      • Shops with specialist Army departments have reported an increase in sales of kit to soldiers.
      • At 6.20 am, crowded together in small boats and weighed down with heavy kit, the soldiers approached the deserted shore in silence.
      • A policy of armed neutrality with an emphasis on quality kit, fit for purpose.
      • The armed forces insist every recruit passes through this ordeal with flying colours before they take charge of real kit worth millions of pounds of taxpayers' money.
      • Soldiers who spoke to the Evening Gazette today said they had not seen any need to supplement Army issue desert kit by buying their own.

    • 2.3British (Clothing)

      ropa femenino
      combat kit traje de campaña masculino
      • gym kit equipo de gimnasia
      • The funds raised will also go towards sports kit and equipment, and coaching resources.
      • Children will need to bring their football kit and a packed lunch.
      • Throughout his time at the club he has done everything from playing and coaching to washing the kit.
      • Without a hard-working manager, committed coach, league organiser or founder, even someone who washes the kit, sport at grassroots level would simply not exist.
      • From running the under 10s team to arranging a new kit, training clothes and tracksuits he also does things like cleaning boots and setting goalposts up.
      • David Gorwood explained that the Rugby Football League had introduced a new rule which stated that clubs had to have two distinctive kits in different colours for home and away games.
      • Participants should bring a packed lunch, football kit (boots and shin-pads), warm clothes and a waterproof.
      • I'd insisted on wearing my football kit, and mum and dad were too tired to argue.
      • The Office of Fair Trading announced it had fined 10 businesses a total of £18.6 million for fixing the price of replica football kits.
      • The football kit was handed over to squad members at the school on Wednesday.
      • Thompson decided not to wear his blazer and tie and instead donned his gym kit.
      • Supporters who bought the latest design will be able to exchange their shirts for the new kit.
      • It was 45 minutes before kick-off and we were dressed in full kit, without boots, doing some leg weights and stretches.
      • Both teams come on to the field in their second kits: Croatia in blue with red and white-checked sleeves and England in red with white shorts.
      • For the first time in 133 years of international football, the England kit carried on it something other than the three lions badge and the sponsor's logo.
      • The new tracksuit will be worn along with the school's white crested polo shirt, whereas the PE kit for the younger pupils in the school will remain as they are.
      • Schools in the North West and North Midlands have received over 67,000 items of free sports kit.
      • St Andrews wore their new football kit of blue shirts, red shorts and white socks.
      • Shirt Amnesty is a scheme designed by BBC Radio Five Live and the Football Association to put those old football shirts and kits to use.
      • Fans are encouraged to attend in their kit and a collection will be taken for the Burns Unit at Bradford Royal Infirmary.