Traducción de kitten en Español:


gatito, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɪt(ə)n//ˈkɪtn/


  • 1

    gatito masculino
    gatita femenino
    • Please think about adopting an adult cat rather than a kitten, because a kitten is always assured of a home!
    • We have been called out to rescue all sorts of animals from kittens, badgers, foxes and even a deer.
    • They had just bought the most adorable little fluffy kitten.
    • She let out a sigh of relief and leaned down to pet the kitten.
    • Organisations such as the Northern Rivers Animal Shelter and the Animal Rights and Rescue have been inundated with unwanted animals, especially kittens.
    • Domestic kittens are weaned at about 8 weeks old and become independent at about 6 months old.
    • Reaching across my stomach, he stroked the kitten's fur as she continued to purr happily at the attention.
    • Conflict among siblings is of course not unique to humans; you only need to watch a litter of puppies or kittens to realise that young animals also love to taunt and fight.
    • Her kitten, Tigger, is black with white socks on his back feet.
    • The Animal Centre will accommodate 60 cats and kittens, plus 40 dogs and puppies.
    • A small, tabby kitten walked out, sniffing the air.
    • Eleven out of 13 rescued kittens featured in the Advertiser have found new homes.
    • I have nine cats, three of them kittens, and they all sleep with me at night.
    • The black kitten meowed, and bounded up to her.
    • I could the kitten meowing all the way down the hallway.
    • Katlyn fed the kitten the milk and it soon fell asleep.
    • In the corner a tabby cat is curled round a nest of her kittens.
    • Grinning, he twirled his hand around the kitten as the tiny animal chased him, attempting to pounce.
    • Every area of the sanctuary is full, with 54 cats and kittens, 35 dogs and more than 50 rabbits and small rodents all looking for loving homes.
    • When I was 8 years old I had a pet kitten, Fluffy.