Traducción de knuckleduster en Español:


nudilleras de metal, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnəkəlˌdəstər//ˈnʌk(ə)ldʌstə/


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    nudilleras de metal femenino
    manoplas femenino América Latina
    • A huge array of weapons, ranging from knuckledusters to a meat cleaver and a Stanley knife, were used in the fight, which left one man with a punctured lung.
    • It houses thousands of weapons, including guns and ammunition, knives, knuckledusters, coshes, crossbows and swords.
    • ‘It was just unbelievable, we are still trying to get over the shock of it,’ admitted Richie Ryan, from Rutland whose lip was busted with a knuckleduster.
    • As soon as he said, ‘knuckledusters,’ everyone in that restaurant brought out their knuckledusters and banged them on their tables.
    • Mohammed Amjad, aged 37, was punched in the head by a man wearing a knuckleduster inside his minibus.
    • Mr Lewis, landlord at the Three Stars pub in Trent Road, Chelmsford, was allegedly punched in the face with what was believed to be a knuckleduster while ejecting a man from his pub on Friday, February 11.
    • Another man claims he saw Henderson punch a hooded prisoner in the face with a knuckleduster.
    • Karate kid Roxanne Moss remembered all her martial arts training when a young thug armed with a home-made knuckleduster attacked her outside her home.
    • The cover shows a football punctured by a knuckleduster.
    • Unlike a knife or a knuckleduster, they're more easily explained away as harmless pieces of sports equipment when you're stopped by the cops.
    • And throw away the bronze knuckledusters which you used to pulverize that man.
    • A 19-year-old who used a knuckleduster during a fight has been given a community punishment order.
    • He told the jury if a knuckleduster had been used it had not caused the fractures to Mr Najeib's nose and cheekbone.