Traducción de krona en Español:


corona, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkrəʊnə//ˈkroʊnə/

nombrePlural kronor

  • 1

    (sueca) corona femenino
    • The company raised 16.6 billion kronor last year by selling assets including computer equipment and offices.
    • If Sweden does vote yes, the krona will likely be history by 2006.
    • Skanska said its share of Gammon Skanska's earnings last year amounted to 34 million kronor last year.
    • Only the South African rand, the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian dollars, the Brazilian real and the Swedish krona have outperformed the euro.
    • Last year, the company began a restructuring deal with the trade union in a bid to cut costs by up to 14 billion kronor.
    • In 2003, SAS reported a loss of 1.4 billion kronor.
    • The phone unit lost 24 billion kronor last year.
    • Each Nobel Prize this year will carry a prize sum of 10 million Swedish kronor, to be shared if the prize is awarded to more than one laureate.
    • Month-to-date, the Swedish krona, Hungarian forint, Czech koruna, and Norwegian krone have gained almost 5% against the dollar.
    • The price of a bottle of Absolut Vodka at Systembolaget, the state-run alcohol monopoly, will fall from 230 kronor to 160 kronor.
    • Sweden is expected to have a referendum on joining its krona to the euro as early as spring next year, with a poll recently registering 50% to 37% in favour.
    • Sales were 27.6 billion kronor, more than the 27.4 billion kronor forecast by analysts surveyed by SME Direkt.
    • Old Mutual's other option is to sell some of Skandia's assets, like its internet bank, which is worth 4-5 billion kronor.
    • Svanberg's comments were taken as a threat to move production out of Sweden should the krona be maintained.
    • This year's prize is worth 10 million Swedish kronor, about $1.3 million.
    • The krona itself has remained remarkably steady, consistent with Sweden's superior public finances and falling inflation rate.
    • He was also ordered to pay 150,000 kronor in damages to Lindh's family.
    • The prize is worth 10 million Swedish kronor, over €1 million.
    • The bidders are charged an application fee of 100,000 kronor and then winners are chosen on merit as opposed to depth of pocket.
    • A Norwegian woman setting up shop as a witch has been awarded a government grant worth 53,000 kronor.