Traducción de Kurd en Español:


kurdo, n.

Pronunciación /kəːd//kərd/


  • 1

    kurdo masculino
    kurda femenino
    • Asked to choose between the Kurds and the Turks we might well become confused.
    • Saladin was a Kurd, and many of his soldiers were not Arabs.
    • The presence or absence of Kurds neither adds nor subtracts to the legitimacy of the protest.
    • A group of youths said that the people living at the house were Kurds.
    • Half of the Kurds reside in Turkey, where they comprise over 20 percent of the Turkish population.
    • Yet once outside threats were removed the Kurds began fighting among themselves.
    • Foreign journalists who left the city reported fierce fighting between Arabs and Kurds in Mosul.
    • This would be no more separatist than what the Americans have already conceded to the Kurds in the north.
    • His treatment of the Kurds and Marsh Arabs transcends any claim to sovereign invulnerability.
    • It reveals an alternative, rebel underworld in Istanbul, populated mainly by Kurds.
    • Turkey has claimed the deaths were the result of civil unrest at a time of war and that Turks and Kurds also lost their lives.
    • Eventually the Kurds and the Turks sorted everything out and our convoy rolled out of Silopi.
    • In 1945, Kurds set up a Kurdish republic at Mahabad in the Soviet, occupied zone in Iran.
    • In 1991, the Americans again called on the Kurds to revolt and again abandoned them.
    • For Orta, that attention is as necessary now as it was when she first saw television pictures of displaced Kurds.
    • Because of their religious rites the Yezidis were despised by the rest of Kurds and lived in isolation.
    • Nor do we have any problem with our brothers the Kurds, the Christians or the Turkmen.
    • Note how many quotes are from wounded Kurds insisting that they do not blame the Americans.
    • A large group of Kurds headed to Rusholme and the Kurdistan Restaurant to celebrate the news.
    • Since the end of the sanctions, the Kurds have sought ways to make up for that lost income.