Traducción de lacking en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈlækɪŋ//ˈlakɪŋ/


  • 1

    the necessary resources are lacking faltan los recursos necesarios
    • a sense of responsibility is sadly lacking among the staff lamentablemente hay falta de responsabilidad entre el personal
    • what I found lacking in her article was … lo que eché en falta en su artículo fue …
  • 2

    to be lacking in sth no tener algo
    • he is completely lacking in tact no tiene nada de tacto
    • she's never lacking in suggestions siempre tiene algo que sugerir
    • Storage space for such a quantity of oil is presently lacking, and new facilities may need to be built.
    • We live in a society today where spiritual, moral and ethical values are lacking amongst our people.
    • This can serve as a fillip to activate and develop community spirit, so sadly lacking in the country.
    • Despite his excitement, there are few things Ignaciuk finds lacking in his life in Bulgaria.
    • What seems to be lacking right now is a national consensus about what it means to battle terrorism.
    • Reports of exactly what is happening or has happened in Tal Afar are lacking, and those that are available have little detail.
    • Even the seeds are partly or wholly lacking, and when present are very thin and small.
    • Such information is often sorely lacking in many accounts, although one mistake was encountered.
    • Anti-car policies, on the other hand, are still painfully lacking in Edinburgh.
    • Evidence is lacking as to whether breast examinations can reduce breast cancer mortality.
    • Police presence, which is lacking, should act as a deterrent for criminals.
    • I know nothing of Camilla - except that wise influences on Charles seem lacking.
    • So much is lacking here that the society does seem truly horrible, even if its people are superficially happy.
    • What is lacking is the will by governments to feed the hungry, and the concern by enough of their citizens to force them to do so.
    • TV coverage is lacking for both competitions, and the Elite League has not delivered the sponsors it was set up to serve.
    • What is lacking is the vision and the statesmanship necessary to make that vision a reality.
    • Also, the kind of good governance needed for a long term regional vision was lacking.
    • The danger of an epidemic here is high, as sanitation is simply lacking.
    • It exposed local musical talent and encouraged a community spirit often lacking in other towns.
    • The only thing that's lacking here is running water, so the recommended way to cool down between sweat sessions is to take a snow bath.