Traducción de lactate en Español:


producir leche, v.

Pronunciación /lakˈteɪt//lækˈteɪt/

verbo intransitivo

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    producir leche
    • Among these species, even lactating females have been reported to switch locations as often as every two weeks, although usually within a small range.
    • Such features may vary according to whether the patient was pregnant, lactating, or had recently terminated her pregnancy or lactation at the time of surgical excision.
    • Encouraged by such strong findings, Carter and her colleagues began to look at how lactating and nonlactating women responded to the stress of strenuous exercise.
    • Current labeling for fluoroquinolones warns against their use in children, adolescents, pregnant women, and lactating women.
    • In Antarctic fur seals, lactating females do not return to feed their pup until they have replenished their own reserves.
    • One source recommends avoiding the use of ginseng products in children and in women who are pregnant or lactating, until more rigorous studies prove safety in these groups.
    • For most of their adulthood, they're either pregnant or lactating.
    • Testosterone given to lactating females actually reduces their aggressive reaction to males.
    • The two flocks each numbered 200 head, of which about 100 females are normally lactating.
    • Even camels, the hardiest of animals, have stopped lactating and will soon die.
    • Therefore, the longer the mother has lactated and the more menstrual cycles she has experienced, the greater the extent of recanalization.
    • These mice could not lactate, but they were also protected from breast cancer development when infected by mouse mammary tumor virus.
    • It can interfere with blood-thinning medication, however, and it should not be taken while pregnant or lactating.
    • Most women of reproductive age spent many years pregnant or lactating, states that suppress ovulation.
    • At that den, the three lactating females were observed providing food for each other and trading places while nursing pups.
    • The oral administration of Bifidobacteria increased fecal IgA levels in children and fecal and milk IgA levels in lactating mice.
    • Creatine should not be used immediately before exercise, and should not be used by children or by women who are pregnant or lactating.
    • I had earlier posted a picture of a stuffed calf hanging from a house front in Mylapore, and speculated that it was meant to keep the cow lactating.
    • The amount of each nutrient in the supplement was the recommended dietary allowance for pregnant or lactating woman, except for iron and zinc.
    • I noticed in the shower that I had milk coming out, I was lactating.