Traducción de ladies' room en Español:

ladies' room

baño de señoras, n.



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    baño de señoras masculino
    lavabo de señoras masculino
    servicio de señoras masculino
    [ S ]Ladies (Room) Señoras
    • I just don't lose weight as well when I drink less than this amount and it helps me get some extra exercise when I have to run up and down the stairs at work to the ladies' room.
    • Next time you're out to dinner, order the most expensive meal, excuse yourself to the ladies' room, slip out the kitchen door and never, ever, look back.
    • I tried, I honestly did, for the rest of the weekend, but having to run to the ladies' room at an outlet center really just about cinched it for me.
    • Women friends tell me this is quite common in ladies' rooms, as well.
    • You know your company has gotten too big when you go into the ladies' room and you don't recognize the shoes of the girl in the next stall.
    • After I finished my salad I went to the ladies' room to powder my nose and fix my hair.
    • His secretary must have been in the ladies' room.
    • Ryder then made an immediate beeline for the ladies' room.
    • The stairs down into the ancient, dank basement creaked beneath me as I descended toward the ladies' room.
    • Some would say Johnson's return of fire was as well-considered as Tiger Woods' thoughts on the subject before last summer's British Open at Muirfield, another venerable club without a ladies' room.
    • She inched slowly towards the ladies' room as Mark was greeted by teammates Rob McGraw, Randall Moss, and the beautiful Whitney Glover.
    • The Dyke March started for me in the public restroom at Bryant Park, where myself and some other last-minute tinklers were in an impossibly long line for the ladies' room while, typically, there was no line at all for the men's.
    • Though I can't testify to the quality of the ladies' room, the gentlemen's was desperately uninviting - a general lack of cleanliness was compounded by a disturbing odour.
    • Someone - not me - has put up signs in all the stalls of the ladies' room here at work.
    • She would take the best-paid job she could get and do her best to keep it- ‘no Marxist rants or sneaking off to the ladies' room to read novels.’
    • The explosion went off in the ladies' room on the ground floor of the three-story building around 1: 05 p.m. when commission officials, who were counting the votes, were about to leave for a lunch break.
    • That is, until you visit the ladies' room and are transported to a small town ice cream parlor complete with cow-themed mural painted by someone named ‘Sequoia.’
    • My own self-defined sexual identity (or maybe it was the gender my parents had assigned me at birth) was urging a trip to the ladies' room.
    • One of these days I'm just going to blurt that out in the ladies' room at work and really freak someone out.
    • Next time, I'll take you to a place where they have attendants in the ladies' room to turn on the faucets for you and hand you towels.