Traducción de lady en Español:


señora, n.

Pronunciación /ˈleɪdi//ˈleɪdi/

nombrePlural ladies

  • 1

    • 1.1(woman)

      señora femenino
      dama femenino formal
      a lady's watch un reloj de mujer / de señora
      • ladies and gentlemen señoras y señores
      • the lady of the house la señora de la casa
      • ladies first! ¡primero las damas / señoras!
      • ladies' night velada en que asisten las damas / señoras
      • don't you speak to me like that, young lady! ¡no me hable así jovencita / señorita!
      • an old lady una señora mayor
      • before noun she wants to see a lady doctor quiere que la atienda una doctora / médica / mujer
      • he was seen dining with a lady friend lo vieron cenando en compañía femenina
      • My mind was always too addled to take in any detail or be in the least bit capable of having a polite chat with a lady.
      • Secondly, you could always send your lady to school to learn English, so that you both have some other way of communicating other than by Braille.
      • I went to a salon down in Chinatown, and I think they thought I didn't know Chinese or something, because the lady barely spoke to me at all.
      • The lady herself refers to herself a misunderstood person in a complex world.
      • Just think: you'll share a common interest with your lady.
      • To begin with, all pregnant ladies should consult a doctor or obstetrician before committing to a training program or considering training while pregnant.
      • The lady smiled at how polite this young woman was.
      • She didn't respond thinking the lady was referring to someone else.
      • I was forwarded an email from a lady called Joy Wolfe referring to the same report.
      • I was very lucky the other day to engage in conversation with a lady doctor who impressed me as one of the most fascinating people I have ever met.
      • The waitress spoke a bit of English; the lady at the bar spoke more proficiently.
      • He looked up at the lady, she seemed polite and superior, but Jake still didn't seem to like her very much for some reason.
      • I thought the lady doctor looked really professional.
      • Charney glanced up when the older lady spoke to her.
      • An anti fox-hunting lady refers to fox-hunting as a ‘moral issue’.
      • Mr Dick has also refereed female teams and believes the ladies are far more polite than the men.
      • But when she had gotten to know them, she realized they were very polite towards ladies, and could be very good friends.
      • It was John Abraham, however, who turned out to be the surprise package of the movie, a fact that even Bipasha who is his lady both in reel and real life today, acknowledges.
      • Apart from a few elderly ladies who spoke Cantonese it was pretty dead.
      • As a child we may have learned that it is not polite for a lady to express anger, or that it is a sign of weakness to cry in public, or that men should enjoy physical contact sports and so on.
      • My lady doctor, while very sympathetic, says there's nothing that can be done.
      • Three of them stared as the lady doctor came over to them and smiled before walking away.
      • There are one or two ladies he refers to with special tenderness, but he remains unmarried.

    • 1.2(refined woman)

      señora femenino
      dama femenino
      she was a real lady era toda una señora / dama
      • she's quite the young lady está hecha toda una señorita
      • Joan Scanlan was a real lady, a mild gentle person and a woman of principle who was never afraid to articulate her views.
      • From once she arrived in Ballyhaunis that September afternoon until the time she left, she was an absolute lady and spoke wonderfully about local radio and its place in the community.
      • The late Kathleen was a real lady, and a pleasure to know, as all who knew her will testify to.
      • She's the most wonderful, intelligent person and a real lady, which is hard to find in showbusiness.
      • Her voice held no hint of surprise, and mother, always the lady, acted as if the Prince suddenly showing up at her doorstep was not an inconvenience.
      • This creature sitting across from him had unrefined written all over her delicate features and probably had very little idea of how a real lady should behave.
      • When Devlin announces to his fellows that Alicia is ‘first, last, and always not a lady,’ his desire and regret bear down on him.
      • Why are you suddenly acting like the perfect lady Maman always wanted you to be?
      • Of a quiet, kind and inoffensive disposition, she was a real lady.
      • A perfect lady she was a real friend to everybody.
      • Even though they are playing ball, they must always be ladies first and foremost.
      • A real lady she died as she had lived ever so quietly and peacefully in the company of her family.
      • The way he acts sometimes, one wonders if he has had any experience of a real lady.
      • One of the old stock, she was a real lady and will be fondly remembered in the area for her many acts of kindness.
      • Elegant and dignified, she was always a lady to her fingertips.
      • The whores dressed well and always acted like ladies, outside the bedroom.
      • Dolly the Mega-Cat may favour a little Carnation Milk as a nightcap, but, always a lady, never nibbles between meals.
      • The king and princess will be coming to spend the day with us and I expect you to act like a real lady.
      • I have always been hell-bent on being a lady and I have always demanded respect.
      • She had always been a proper lady, who believed in classic things like courtly love and un-divorceable marriage.

    • 1.3US informal

      (as form of address) señora

    • 1.4(appreciative use)

      mujer femenino
      she's a very dynamic lady es una mujer muy dinámica

  • 2

    (noblewoman or wife of a knight)
    lady femenino
    Lady Spencer Lady Spencer
    • Her children, Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah Chatto, were at her side.
    • It was 1477 and Lord Burgh's son, Edward, was preparing to marry Lady Anne Cobham.
    • She was a Lady who was the wife of a Lord, not a Lady in her own right, of her own fief.
    • The Irishman rode Alan Jarvis-trained Lady Pahia to victory in the Mortarmill Organic Dairy Fillies' Stakes.
    • Miss Gazdowick will play Lady McDuff in Macbeth and Bianca in The Taming of the Shrew, while Mr Smith will play Duncan in Macbeth.
    • Whereas in Burnham Thorpe it may have been Rear Admiral Sir Horatio and Lady Nelson, in Naples it was Mars and Venus.
    • She made her Royal Opera debut as Lady de Hautdesert in Sir Harrison Birtwistle's Gawain in 2000.
    • Of particular interest is this Piano Concerto arranged for Sir Thomas' wife, lady Betty Humby Beecham.
    • Neville Pearce and Colin Snowball won for Lady Anne Middleton.
    • Noticeable in the room however were Lady Hermon, Esmond Birnie and Leslie Cree.
  • 3formal, anticuado

    señora femenino
    esposa femenino
    before noun give my regards to your lady wife salude de mi parte a su señora esposa formal