Traducción de lager lout en Español:

lager lout

vándalo, n.



  • 1

    vándalo masculino
    gamberro de litrona masculino España
    • Recently a local ex-pat publican found himself on the wrong end of a broken beer glass wielded, not by a drunken lager lout or recalcitrant katoey, but by the man with whom he intended to go into partnership.
    • I will admit to something here: I have never watched a football match in my life. I find the game dull, nationalistic and repetitive and the whole thug/hooligan / lager lout mentality just turns me off.
    • In 1994 there followed Highland Fling, a wildly modernized staging of La Sylphide which featured the sylph as a drug user and James as a lager lout.
    • But the family have been forced to scrap the annual festival after rowdy lager louts invaded this year's event and started a fight.
    • The drunks are as much a part of this meeting as the royal procession and excessive imbibing is not confined to the lager louts.
    • Next to stylish wine, which conjures up visions of sun-drenched valleys and exquisite cuisine, beer is outclassed, its public face haunted by the twin spectres of the beer belly and the lager lout.
    • He says he will be running a professional operation which will provide a new entertainment for the town aimed at business people and professional types - not lager louts or coach parties.
    • You want people to have a drink but not be lager louts, and that is what this campaign is telling people.
    • Sivota is unspoiled, uncrowded (if you avoid August when the Italians invade), friendly and totally relaxing, without a lager lout in sight.
    • Contrary to popular belief, Burberry has not discontinued its famous plaid baseball cap because of its association with football hooligans and lager louts.
    • Can you imagine those mad bearded lager louts, who used their tractors and trucks to block up the roads a few years ago, sitting down with a guitar to strum out the chords to ‘Where have all the flowers gone?’
    • The participants have a reputation as lawless and irresponsible, the glamorous equivalent of Magaluf lager louts.
    • Hopefully this will mean the death of the lager lout too!
    • Far too may lives of both air passengers and crews have been put at risk by lager louts, champagne Charlies and ordinary people who get into a rage.
    • I'm certainly no lager lout, and I'm proud to be wearing the Games uniform.
    • In recent years, these curry houses have shaken off the lager lout image by having an interior makeover and renaming dishes with tantalisingly exotic titles.
    • Scarborough was one of five places approved by Douglas Hurd as Home Secretary to pioneer bylaws intended to keep lager louts out of the public gaze.
    • At a time when Britain is trying to do something about young lager louts who have besmirched our national image across the playing fields of Europe, here is a middle-aged lager lout positively inviting them to test their mettle at the bar.
    • Mr Knox insisted that his customers would not be rowdy, nightclub-style lager louts.
    • The clampdown, dubbed Operation Yellow Card, was launched in Wilmslow in June to cut down on lager louts ruining everyone else's night out.