Traducción de lagging en Español:


aislamiento, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlaɡɪŋ//ˈlæɡɪŋ/


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    aislamiento masculino
    revestimiento masculino
    • Even after primitive use of crude lagging gave way to a more general use of preformed asbestos block insulation, such blocks were cut dry which could actually enhance dust production.
    • As far as I know asbestos was in the pipe lagging and in the boiler house and all that was stripped out.
    • In January 1998 the asbestos lagging to pipework was in an unsatisfactory condition.
    • The engine appears mostly intact, but all the wood is rotten and asbestos lagging is still on the boiler.
    • The foam lagging was so wet he had to wring the water out.
    • It was used as insulation on the pipe lagging which ran throughout the factory and there was also asbestos in the roof.
    • He would then work on the new pipe run and the laggers would come along the same day or the next day to put new lagging on the new pipework.
    • The lagging will then cushion any further movement of the pipes that will occur.
    • Jerry Jennings, property assets manager at Braintree Council, said the lagging, which is material which prevents loss of heat, had deteriorated through wear and tear.
    • The sprayed asbestos particularly and the asbestos lagging to pipework was in an unsatisfactory condition in 1994.
    • They are about water-lagging - putting lagging around water pipes to retain heating - and about energy conservation.
    • To them the pipe lagging was a plaything, a source of fun.
    • He claims that, while working as a labourer removing lagging from pipes in the Basement of Leinster House between 1986 and 1990, he was exposed to large quantities of asbestos.
    • There seems to have been no lagging, and the heat loss must have been great, by radiation, or, in wet weather, condensation when it was wet.
    • The lagging needs to be taken off and the boiler certified every two years.
    • There was new wooden lagging on her right hand cylinder, but no jacketing, and the front head and piston had been removed.
    • However if the boards were taken away and if some of the lagging were to be removed, it might be okay.
    • I generally knocked off the asbestos lagging myself rather than wait for laggers and scalers to get there.
    • Anything from boiler and pipe lagging, to roofing materials and ceiling tiles, water pipes, or cement products could have been made with the mineral.