Traducción de lambent en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈlæmbənt//ˈlamb(ə)nt/



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    que brilla con luz tenue
    • But, being unaccustomed to existence as a dragon, by the time the lambent flame burst from his cavernous mouth, Natieasdo had disappeared, taking Lationae with him.
    • Her fists clench, and he could have sworn that her eyes were blazing with fire, the lambent glow bathing him in an evil red light.
    • My eyes having adjusted to the gloom, I noticed a lambent, reddish glow emanating from one direction.
    • In the wider connotations of the title it seems to me that the lambent flames can refer to non-technical themes.
    • What was remarkable about the spruce was its color: a lambent yellow, caused by a rare genetic mutation that affected its ability to make chlorophyll.
    • The lifts had closed, the punters had gone, the domain was ours and a lambent, purplish light settled on the silent mountain.
    • The dust settled, the noise subsided and a glow of lambent light emanated from the chamber that now lay revealed.
    • This portrait communicates the artist's pleasure in the act of painting, which is revealed in a lambent play of light on the figure.
    • Monica Swinton, 29, of graceful shape and lambent eye, went and sat in her living room, arranging her limbs with taste.
    • Her eyes were the only note of color in her body, brilliant and arterial red; the rising crescent moon of Ishtar sat lambent on her brow.
    • The final touches of the Lightbringer were caressing the slopes and cliff faces, bathing grey stone and ice in lambent gold.
    • As I drove into work this sunny, lambent morning, it was with decidedly mixed feelings.
    • Jaben hurled the annulus into the lava, where it disappeared in a burst of lambent flame.
    • Here, warm, lambent sunlight bathes a country road framed by towering trees.
    • Outside it's the close of a lambent spring afternoon, a clarity of light still falling on the residential street.