Traducción de lampshade en Español:


pantalla, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlampʃeɪd//ˈlæm(p)ʃeɪd/


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    (de lámpara) pantalla femenino
    • Like the rest of the hotel, rooms are ultra-hip with designer lampshades, bright colours and lots of high-tech gadgetry, including DVD players and CD players.
    • The company made Indian lampshades and I managed to put them all over the UK.
    • Indeed, the dimly lit apartment is highly dramatic, with dark furniture, oversized lampshades and framed artwork by Salvador Dalí and H.R. Giger lining the walls.
    • I'd guess that the average house in 1939 looked a lot like it did in 1928-which is to say, heavy, archaic, with beaded lampshades and classical motifs.
    • Extra wallpaper can be used to cover lampshades, pots, wood furniture, screens - the only limit is your imagination!
    • Inside it was like a Victorian jumble sale with kitsch ornaments everywhere, and the cluttered rooms lit only by the orange glow of 40-watt bulbs in frilly lampshades.
    • The interior was decorated in tasteful earth tones and accented with silver lampshades, picture frames, and other simple decorations.
    • The drive to develop and learn has led to a range that is getting progressively broader, and he hopes to branch out into hand-printed wallpaper and lampshades.
    • During its functional times a lampshade which is made of semitransparent cloth covers can add some wonderful ambience in the interior space.
    • He said recently that he inherited his fastidiousness from his mother who ‘put plastic covers over everything in the house, even lampshades and footstools’.
    • Against the wall to the right of us was a dresser made out of nondescript fake wood with three drawers and a blue lamp with a yellowed lampshade on top.
    • Chandeliers draped with fringed lampshades hung from the ceiling, while gilded mirrors and black-and-white photos of rock icons such as Debbie Harry and Billy Idol lined the red walls.
    • Also available through the website is an amazing array of inflatable products including cute salt and pepper shakers, vases, and lampshades.
    • Little touches like the glass beaded lampshades (so currently in vogue) contribute to the overall sense of restrained luxury.
    • Her works comprise lampshades, painted mirrors and paintings on glass.
    • His creations include attractive-looking lampshades made of laminated and waxed paper, with dried flowers making for beautiful floral patterns.
    • While a lamp with a dimmer is always great, the trend in lamps today is silk or Japanese style lampshades, where the light subtly shines through the screen.
    • He chose an apparently minimalist style for such superyachts which still seems ornate to a landlubber's eyes, using heavily patterned rugs and tasselled silk lampshades.
    • Her head was directly under a lampshade, and warm light fell on her hair tinting it reddish-gold.
    • No stage lights, save for a lampshade seemingly fitted with a 10 watt bulb.