Traducción de land agent en Español:

land agent

administrador de fincas, n.


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    administrador de fincas masculino
    administradora de fincas femenino
    administración de fincas femenino
    • In 1849 de Lesseps lost favour with the French establishment, and retired to his wife's family estate where he acted as a land agent.
    • During the first phase of the land war only half a dozen landlords and four land agents died from gunfire.
    • See the great estates of absentee English landlords patrolled by land agents like Michael Kitchen.
    • Negotiations are now taking place with the farmer's land agent to find a solution.
    • Neither had he bargained for the chance encounter with Susan Brown-Whitaker, the recently divorced granddaughter of the last British land agent to occupy the big house.
    • Thousands of agricultural workers and their families in Sutherland were forcibly uprooted from inland villages to new plots of land on the coast by the duke's notorious land agents, to make way for sheep farms.
    • Born in Warwickshire, she was the daughter of a land agent whose moral qualities are reflected in those of the upright Adam Bede.
    • In 1900 O'Grady recalled working as a land agent on the family estate in the Land League winter of 1881-82.
    • Overlooking Dingle Bay, the house is more than 200 years old and was once a hunting lodge for James Hickson, a land agent for Lord Lansdowne.
    • While serving as land agent to Lord Armadale, Rae entertained Sir Walter Scott when he came calling in a yacht, researching The Pirate.
    • Andrew Aitchison, Mackintosh's land agent in Scotland, said there had been a succession of fires of which at least one could have ended in tragedy.
    • Its celebrated tactic was the boycott, so called from its use against Capt. Charles Boycott, a land agent who refused to concede rent reductions.
    • Tim Moore, Lord Bath's land agent, said the family party had a a private guest list closed to the public.
    • Hans Sloane was born in 1660 in Killyleagh, County Down, the son of a Protestant land agent for the Earl of Clanbrassil.
    • Mark Osborne, a land agent and estate management expert, said: ‘Scottish grouse moors have been in serious decline for decades and the future is bleak.’
    • As we sat under the lights in the old black and white studio, I felt like a serf hauled into His Lordship's sitting room to be interviewed by his land agent about our imagined grievances.