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paisaje, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlæn(d)ˌskeɪp//ˈlan(d)skeɪp/


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    (natural scene)
    paisaje masculino
    her victory has changed the political landscape su victoria ha cambiado el panorama político
    • These landscapes do not just appeal aesthetically; they are also a prime venue for the adventurous.
    • The landscapes look appealing, especially those of the lakes and towering trees in the famous forests of Malaysia.
    • At the same time, there are streets where the landscape is bleak: graffiti-covered walls and discarded furniture.
    • Impeding their progress are land mines studding the landscape and threatening every turn of the wheels.
    • Prior to the 1992 initiative, public sculptures were never a striking feature of the urban landscape.
    • The epic scale of the images helps construct a viewing subject unaware of the smaller scale, ecosystem level features of the land that comprise the landscape.
    • They will dominate the landscape and be clearly visible from York.
    • Further windows were added at discreet points around the barn, mostly at low level, framing horizontal panoramas of the landscape visible when sitting inside.
    • And Canada's prostitution laws push women into dark industrial areas of the urban landscape in which they are more likely to be victimised.
    • European culture and values indelibly shaped the urban and rural landscapes, particularly in terms of the use of space, and the structure and practice of government.
    • For example, city walls would remain a constant feature of the urban landscape throughout the early Middle Ages.
    • The traditional dichotomy between rural and urban landscapes has become less visible as cities and industrial zones expand and suburbs are created.
    • Water is one of three dominating features of the landscape here - the other two being hills and forests.
    • Vehicles churned up billowing clouds of dust as they drove through a barren landscape of cracked land dotted with green clumps of grass.
    • Some renewable power can be generated in urban landscapes and on land used for other purposes, such as the roofs of houses, but the bulk will have to be in rural areas.
    • They quickly dominated the urban landscape as they outnumbered Argentine nationals.
    • For miles, slum settlements and filthy, pot-holed streets dominate the landscape.
    • However, they were also a symbol of civic pride, and were substantial and well-built features of the urban landscape.
    • At 10,000 feet, only the colorful fabric of their chutes keep jumpers visible against the panoramic landscape.
    • In a place like downtown Atlanta, where it is near wall-to-wall concrete, you do not get a sense of the place in terms of the landscape.
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    Fotografía Arte
    paisaje masculino
    landscape painter paisajista femenino
    • landscape painting (genre) paisajismo
    • His early landscapes, portraits and still lifes evolved into hard-edge abstraction before he found his signature style in 1971.
    • In addition, his opinions were aired in several BBC radio broadcasts on art and landscape in the 1950s.
    • Portraits, landscapes, sketches and line drawings created during 2002 will be included.
    • In 1815 the strengths of British painting lay in portraiture, animal painting, and landscape.
    • In her installation last season at MAM, Teresita Fernandez continued her minimalist reveries on the art and idea of landscape.
    • An intriguing mix of old and new, the exhibition structure is three-fold: portraits, landscapes and a photographic narrative on the effects of asbestos mining.
    • Photography and Place, is a typical theme for a restricted as well as dominant genre in photography, landscape.
    • Their paintings sought to elevate landscape to the level of history painting, which was then considered the noblest form of visual expression.
    • These include portraits, landscapes, pastoral scenes and prints.
    • However, Paul Nagano's playful yet profound approach to nature and landscape is expressed vividly in every stroke of his watercolor paintings.
    • A concise yet comprehensive biography of the artist depicts the moments of inspiration that have led him to paint landscapes and scenes of country life.
    • Parisian street scenes, impressionistic landscapes, Rembrandt and Andy Warhol are popular on the islands these days.
    • Friis-Hansen considers the work of contemporary photographers in sections on landscape, society, and the individual.
    • For the most part, the artists he championed after World War I concentrated on landscape and still life.
    • The show includes landscapes and portraits, red chalk and lead pencil, as well as drawings and sketches.
    • These new images - whether they are landscapes, cityscapes, still lifes or flowers - do not trumpet their semantic referentiality.
    • These characteristics maintain their profile even when the experience of landscape in Cozza's art has been overlaid with other ingredients.
    • The works in this exhibition demonstrate that unlike other genres such as landscape or still life paintings, the creation of a portrait was a collaboration.
    • Best known for his important landscapes and portraits, Gainsborough depicted a diverse range of subjects, from powerful individuals to the rural poor.
    • They have created a new and uniquely truthful art of landscape.
    • There is also a large selection of styles - from landscapes and still lifes to abstract expressionism and surrealist art.
    • Over the past two decades, Gina Werfel has developed a way of painting that tantalizingly walks the line between landscape and abstraction.
    • The surrounding space was entirely filled in with smaller pictures, mainly landscapes and genre scenes.
    • His other subjects included nudes, landscapes, portraits, and opulent flower pieces.
    • The body of work includes portraits, landscapes and genre paintings that exemplify the various periods of Russian Realist art.
    • His goal was to create new categories, to use the vocabulary of landscape and genre paintings for the most consecrated art.
    • He broadened the art collection with a thousand works that ranged from 19 th-century American landscapes to paintings by Fauvists, cubists and practitioners of Pop Art.
    • The forms and colours in her paintings are those of landscape, but she does not paint definable places.
    • One of the few specialists and most accomplished painters in nocturnal landscapes was Aert van der Neer, who will be represented in the show with works loaned from London, Madrid and Paris.
    • He also sought to encourage a local art based in regional landscape and paintings from Hamburg as a means to educate the middle class.
    • An influential painter of nudes, landscapes and still liras, Uglow studied at the Slade School and began to show with the London Group in 1951.
    • This style is evident in her surreal, moody landscapes and still lifes, which the artist describes as balanced and serene.
    • Exploring on his own, Kox discovered the surrealist work of Salvador Dali and began painting portraits, landscapes, and surrealistic dreamscapes.
    • They also painted altarpieces and easel paintings for collectors, and developed genres such as landscape.
    • Shlosberg's oil paintings are interwoven with Russian folklore in both large and small-scale surreal landscapes and cityscapes.
    • Viewers fascinated by his activity in the genres of figure and landscape often ignore the parallel journey of discovery he has made, compelled by the impulse to experiment.
    • Charleton is an oil painter whose subject matter includes landscapes, aviation art, seascapes, still lifes, marine art and portraits.
    • Greatly influenced by the Dutch style, and the Romantic concept of landscape, Crome, together with Cotman, is considered the major artist of the Norwich School.
    • History paintings come first, followed by other types of figural art, landscape, and last of all, still life.

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    (garden) diseñar
    (public space) ajardinar
    • The house and landscaped gardens are set amongst 800 acres of orchard, fields and woodland.
    • The garden area was beautifully presented as was the small landscaped area opposite the school.
    • The lawned rear garden has been landscaped and has a gravelled barbecue area and shed.
    • This is a beautifully landscaped area surrounded by mature trees and plenty of space for parking.
    • Today there are landscaped terraced gardens extending to an acre with flowering shrubs and trees.
    • Each house has first floor balconies and rear patio areas and the entire site is fully landscaped.
    • The gardens are fully landscaped and each house features a paved patio to the rear with privacy fencing.
    • The gardens are fenced, planted in lawn and landscaped with shrubs and trees.
    • The filled-in areas will then be landscaped with topsoil and then grass seeded.
    • Currently contractors are landscaping the site creating a leisure area primarily for walking.
    • The walled front garden is landscaped with a selection of shrubs and railway sleepers.
    • The secluded gardens are landscaped and boast a number of colourful trees and shrubs.
    • It also recommends that the service improves its plans for landscaping the site.
    • The back garden has been landscaped and has two patio areas, plenty of shrubs and a shed.
    • Newly landscaped areas are admired, as was the sculpture on the fairgreen near the handball alley.
    • The site is landscaped and encircled with stone paths and plants in keeping with the natural habitat.
    • A lovely water feature and landscaped grounds must make this a very pleasant place to work.
    • All sites are well landscaped and will be sold fully lawned and planted with trees and shrubs.
    • The whole area's been landscaped now, there's a square there now, a park and a fountain.
    • They have gardens to the front, and small landscaped areas at the back with spaces for wheelie bins.

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