Traducción de large en Español:


grande, adj.

Pronunciación /lɑːdʒ//lɑrdʒ/

adjetivolargest, larger

  • 1

    • 1.1(in size)

      (area/room) grande
      a large garden un jardín grande
      • he's a large man es un hombre corpulento
      • she has a large nose tiene la nariz grande
      • try on a larger size pruébate un talle más grande
      • large print letra grande
      • There's a large outside balcony area which faces South over the city centre rooftops.
      • As in hurling, the playing field is about the size of a large football pitch, with a goal at either end.
      • A relatively large sum of money is required from members and friends of the club.
      • This is a very cheap yet effective way of loading up these large capacity reels.
      • In front of each god was a miniature steel plate and a tumbler the size of a large thimble.
      • The only area where a large sample has been taken is in the city of Termitau in Kazakhstan.
      • We have a considerably large Asian community in our school, many of whom are Muslims.
      • He drank and smoked far too much and obviously indulged in unhealthy eating given his large size.
      • Even the language of large sizes discriminates against the women who wear them.
      • Not being inordinately large in size, he had the advantage of being an amateur boxer.
      • The unexplainable fact is, the cul-de-sac is of ample size for even a large van to turn round.
      • It was about one metre tall with long arms and a skull the size of a large grapefruit.
      • Preterm infants get cold quickly because of their relatively large surface area.
      • After all, it's a relatively large number and one reliant on a difficult definition.
      • At first the boy was deemed to be too large to be considered for the operation.
      • I have a large cardboard box the size of a tea chest with an aperture in front which people can see through.
      • Is there a relatively large group of people or an area that could be swayed by such arguments?
      • It's a tattoo, not a bloody button - get it sized large enough to have a bit of impact.
      • The current study would only be able to detect a relatively large mortality difference.
      • At points I was considering getting a large hammer and knocking most of my own teeth out.

    • 1.2(in number, amount)

      (family/crowd) grande
      (crowd/family) numeroso
      a large proportion of my income gran parte / una buena parte de mis ingresos
      • he drew a large audience atrajo (a) una gran cantidad de público
      • the largest collection of stamps in the world la mayor colección de sellos del mundo

  • 2

    (in scope)
    (view/issue/question) amplio
    • The forces were now effectively only capable of coping with one large scale operation at a time.
    • However, on a large scale, the way in which the primes are distributed is very regular.
    • He soon realised he had to go about the programme on a large scale to make it really useful.
    • It all points to disruption on rather a large scale and uncertainty at least in the medium term.
    • Their effort had grown too large to be managed out of a rented house in Nong Khai.
    • It has the infrastructure in place and knows the logistics of large scale delivery systems.
    • It will be seen from this that Bellavitis worked on a large range of mathematical topics.
    • Had it done so, pain and tragedy and loss on a very large scale could have been avoided.
    • He was very grand and extreme, very artistic; everything he did was on a large scale.
    • The leaves were selected from different parts of the plants to span a large range of mass, area and age.
    • I'm not quite sure how this would work on a large scale, but at least it's an idea.
    • If an attacker staged such an assault on a large enough scale, the root servers would be unusable.
    • This large range in ripe grapes is an important source of variation in quality.
    • We had to lop a year off that, as it would clearly be impossible to get actors to cover that large an age range.
    • The trouble is that that has now been tried on a large scale and the anger still seethes.
    • It has been happening on a very large scale in manufacturing industry in Britain.
    • This is the purposive activity of craving on a large scale, as it embraces all sentient life.
    • Hence we should treat them instead with a large range of pharmaceutical agents.
    • It was when the latter came on board that we started to see the acceleration of large scale changes.
    • Secondly, from a structural point of view it pervades large parts of the language system.


  • 1at large

    • 1.1(at liberty)

      to be at large andar suelto

    • 1.2(as a whole)

      en general
      the public at large el público en general
      • it will benefit society at large beneficiará a la sociedad en general

    • 1.3(in US)

      representative at large representante de todo un estado o distrito en el Congreso o Senado de los EEUU

    • 1.4formal (in detail)

      en profundidad

  • 2

    talla grande femenino
    talle grande masculino Río de la Plata