Traducción de laser gun en Español:

laser gun

pistola de (rayos) láser, n.


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    pistola de (rayos) láser femenino
    • Later in the game, you'll also pick up a laser gun.
    • In other words, the emissions of lasers are in the form of light, and the frequencies can range anywhere from infra-red to ultraviolet, police laser guns are in the infra red range.
    • The present invention relates to the general field of arcade games, and more particularly, a laser gun for an arcade game.
    • Players are given a laser gun and charged with protecting the planet from relentless hoards of alien invaders advancing down the screen.
    • Windshield mounting places such products far outside the laser beam radius at operational distances at which laser guns are used, making them useless.
    • The advertisement used a picture of a policeman holding a speed laser gun.
    • He argued that the rangers had relied on pacing and GPS rather than a high-tech laser gun, which is to be used on Windermere to catch speeders.
    • She said wardens would exercise a limited degree of tolerance before bringing court proceedings, backed by evidence gathered on camera, by laser gun, stressing that they would not engage in high speed chases with offenders.
    • This 48 minute video takes a close look at how radar and laser guns work including calibration, accepted police practices, and legal precedents.
    • As you deliver a blast from your laser gun the robots fall over in a heap.
    • There was also a laser gun, lying next to the communicator.
    • There were no flaws to his game, for the most part he found the fairways with the accuracy of a laser gun and peppered the flags with some exquisite approach work.
    • How do I find out which laser guns are currently being used by Florida Highway Patrol and the local city police departments?
    • Very simply, police laser guns send out pulses laser light and measure how long it takes for the light to hit your vehicle and return.
    • Within one motion, she put away her laser gun, drew her sword, rushed after him, and then struck her sword against his so the pointed edge touched the floor.
    • The enforcer's van will operate on roads where speed camera warnings are posted and, using a laser gun, the operator will catch those who ignore the warnings, with the speed and the car number plate recorded on video.
    • We currently have 10 state of the art laser guns which have many features.
    • These pulses reflect back to the laser gun, which calculates how much the distance is changing with time. That calculation results in a speed read-out on the laser gun.
    • He is then shot in the head with a high-powered laser gun.
    • The firearms are big, meaty ballistic weapons - no futuristic laser guns here.
    • Once everyone had successfully regained their feet, and saluted, of course, Phil took out his laser gun and motioned for a few others to do the same.
    • No doubt, a futuristic laser gun could have been used as a more appropriate prop, so the question arises: Why would this anachronistic weapon have been used instead?
    • They were all wearing black trench coats and carrying laser guns, big huge things that could blow a hole through the wall easily.
    • They had abandoned their uniforms, perhaps for more freedom of movement, and were each armed with a laser gun in one hand and a knife in the other, along with any personal favorites.
    • Her own laser gun was small and had a battery that was constantly running out.
    • The agent made it to his feet and tried to straighten up, fumbling with the trigger on his laser gun.
    • It looked about the size of the water tank bots that had been drilling in the frozen river, but with a laser gun mounted on it.
    • She took out her laser gun, followed by the others.
    • She held the tape cassette in her hand as if it were a laser gun.
    • Mr Justice O'Sullivan ruled the laser gun did not meet the requirements of the 2002 Act and a permanent record was required.
    • This laser gun is the latest hand-held speed detection equipment and does not need a vehicle so it is very easy to deploy.
    • Use of laser guns on a bridge has its own rules, they are to be as close as possible to the centre line of the lane being targeted to reduce cosine effect.
    • Boat owners are being given the opportunity to have their speedometers and rev counters calibrated against the new laser gun to ensure they do not break the speed limit due to inaccurate equipment.
    • She hid behind the wall and readied her laser gun.
    • As laser guns and digital cameras get smaller and lighter, expect a laser cam to be taking a picture of you.
    • The laser guns are very similar to radar guns, only they use a technology called ‘lidar’.
    • A lake patrol team will measure the craft's speed using the £4,500 laser gun, while the boat crew checks the readings on the speedometer and rev counter.
    • In addition, almost all come with a laser sensor, which picks up emissions from a laser gun as used in portable traps.
    • He pulled out a laser gun, so everyone, nervously, obeyed.