Traducción de lateral thinking en Español:

lateral thinking

pensamiento lateral, n.


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    pensamiento lateral masculino
    • The idea is that five people sit round a table discussing logic problems, amusing anagrams, and the sort of lateral thinking puzzles that were popular in playgrounds when I was six.
    • There's a genuine climate of fear in workplaces that is not at all conducive to creative thinking and lateral thinking you need to be a productive worker in the information age.
    • As far as publishers are concerned, modern strategies for book selection are so painfully and obviously fallible that it is tempting to suggest that some lateral thinking ought to be applied.
    • With creativity and lateral thinking we could offer new products based on need to address new segments of the marketplace that are untapped.
    • We approach things in a different way, we use more lateral thinking, and have more common-sense, practical solutions.
    • The company received over 250 emails from older people, who enjoy playing more lateral thinking games rather than shoot-them-up types.
    • It's just that I feel this piece is so provocatively unusual, it takes a lot of lateral thinking to fully appreciate the intricately evil themes.
    • So, this morning, when I found him, forlorn, trying to get the project further forward, I determined that a leap in the direction of lateral thinking was called for.
    • It allows creative, lateral thinking, basically silly, saying the first thing that comes into your head, no great depth.
    • The results require some generous lateral thinking.
    • Direct approaches to companies and some lateral thinking can often bag cash for you comedy project.
    • But, just because I enjoy networking and lateral thinking doesn't mean that my skills are that much more valuable than someone else's.
    • Even better, the service was developed using just creative and lateral thinking without any extra funding.
    • Alternatively, try some lateral thinking to solve your problem.
    • Sponsors can expect to gain unfettered access to all the intellectual property in the building, where about 100 employees work on various projects involving lateral thinking.
    • There are ways of dealing with these things but it requires lateral thinking and money from the industry.
    • If this operation only generated double the full-time branch's business then with a bit of lateral thinking and community backing someone could make a decent living from it.
    • They also underline the creative and lateral thinking which helps to make us market leaders.
    • With a bit of ingenuity and lateral thinking, you can save a lot of money while having great fun at the same time.
    • Moreover, motion graphics provides one of the most flexible and accessible environments in which to create media that is open and conducive to lateral thinking and free creative thought.