Traducción de latrine en Español:


letrina, n.

Pronunciación /ləˈtrin//ləˈtriːn/


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    letrina femenino
    • He has been known to place safety briefings in the latrine; there is nowhere that his safety arm does not reach.
    • He had dozed off in the latrine and slept through the raid.
    • However, the new colony provided them with ‘tiled roof houses’, latrines and sanitation facilities.
    • Treatment should be carried out by medical personnel at a treatment centre where proper sanitation methods such as washing facilities and a proper latrine are available.
    • With two latrines for a community of 22,000 people, the only option for most doesn't include any sort of room, let alone sanitation.
    • In addition, one to five communal latrines are placed along the site perimeter.
    • In large villages, each home or group of homes has a latrine (pit-style toilet).
    • This is a picture of part of a public latrine - the kind which the Municipal Corporation puts up near slums which don't have water or sewage connections.
    • He was walking in light footwear across his base camp on his way to the latrine.
    • Runoff from latrines into camp water was probably the main source of infection.
    • The latrines are appropriately dreary and spartan, their fluorescent lighting bathed in a familiar hazy glow.
    • One soldier, rather close to the bottom of the ladder, was quite satisfied to simply keep the latrines clean and the barracks stoves going in cold weather.
    • Deciding that cleaning toilets in the latrine and tables in the mess wasn't for him, Mauldin transferred to the infantry.
    • Of late, the latrine had become a public toilet for the staff (both men and women) of the crime branch.
    • They dig latrines, cobble together privies and chicken coops, and struggle to build cabins from piles of pine logs.
    • With no water-borne sewerage, the settlements use chemical toilets, ventilated pit latrines or the bucket system.
    • Following weeks of firefights, mortars punished the site from above, nearly destroying the camp's latrine.
    • Most homes have one room, the latrines are makeshift, and families are lucky to survive on US $20 a month.
    • By the 15th century the quay was outfitted with a crane and a public latrine.
    • Public latrines were in the same vicinity as the hospital.