Traducción de latte en Español:


café con leche, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɑteɪ//ˈlɑːteɪ//ˈlateɪ/


  • 1

    café con leche masculino
    • The blends, all from Arabica beans, are fine when mixed with milk in lattes and cappuccinos.
    • Mandy was sipping some kind of cold icy like drink while Erik drank down a latte and I swallowed water.
    • I feel so left out when, gallivanting about town, I see the happy throngs of customers queuing for lattes and mocha cappuccinos.
    • But lattes are 90 percent milk and lack the jolt provided by unalloyed caffeine.
    • They have all the expected coffee combos - the lattes, cappuccinos and all sorts of stuff to squirt in them.
    • I sat down to write my editorial, but instead drank cappuccinos, vanilla lattes and gallons of tea.
    • Seattle's mild maritime climate means you can drink lattes with the locals at an outdoor cafe well into the holiday season.
    • By this time I'd finished three mocha choca lattes and was bouncing around the tastefully decorated - but soulless - coffee house walls.
    • Every day I went out and worked hard over the shouts for espressos and lattes.
    • I have to confess the best part of the evening was when the rain drove everyone away and we could just hang out, drink our lattes and talk.
    • A change in state: today I stopped drinking lattes, and started drinking iced lattes.
    • Have you recently given up a habit such as smoking, drinking, or buying lattes?
    • There I continued to watch people and to drink vanilla lattes, but also gained the ability to look something up as the need arose.
    • A single latte or espresso costs more in Seattle than a typical coffee worker makes in a whole day.
    • As well as creamy lattes, the coffee shop offers wireless internet access and big, bench-like tables that several people can gather around.
    • Our more cosseted generation is more likely to spend its Saturday afternoons sipping skinny lattes in city centre coffee bars.
    • I don't care though, since I use my dark coffee for lattes and cappuccinos anyway.
    • So let's just drink our lattes or chocolate milkshakes and enjoy it, woohoo!
    • But despite the growing popularity of mochas and lattes, coffee farmers are increasingly going hungry as their plants die in the field.
    • So why, may I ask, do you insist on drinking lattes and eating ice cream when you know full well that this is going to cause headaches and mild nausea?