Traducción de latterly en Español:


últimamente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈlædərli//ˈlatəli/


  • 1

    en los últimos tiempos
    • Our relationship started well, descended into hate-hate, recovered somewhat to love-hate and, latterly, has drifted into respectful acceptance.
    • The 49-year-old has filled a variety of roles at the club, including manager, general manager and more latterly director.
    • Those who live and work in the area, which has latterly advertised itself as The Quarter, feel the bar will upset the balance of this café quarter.
    • He will be presented with the Marsden Medal tonight for his 40-year contribution to Antarctic research, latterly focusing on climate change.
    • After a five-year apprenticeship, he gained a scholarship to the College of Aeronautics, latterly known as Cranfield University, where he returned to carry out research work.
    • The stance of the hurlers, and latterly their footballing colleagues, is seemingly a step nearer some form of professionalism, if not in cash payment, then a list of benefits in that direction.
    • An accomplished goalkeeper and latterly a sought after commentator and coach, he spent a glittering career between the sticks for Glasgow Celtic.
    • That'll be a total of 7 stone that I shall have shed since starting to diet and, latterly, gaining the assistance of the fat-buster pills.
    • Originally from Bingley, he has returned to the town where his family still live after living across the world including in Hong Kong, Cyprus, Chicago, Boston and latterly Spain.
    • He has subsequently half-joked about the frustration of being latterly best known for singing a song which he did not write himself.
    • I've been involved in those areas latterly as assistant grounds manager and I can say to fans not to worry.
    • The site of the former Co-op store and a mixture of Victorian and Sixties architecture, the building was described latterly as a ‘blight on business’ by many of the Micklegate traders.
    • If he does win, he will be the first businessman to rule Mexico in modern times after a succession of generals, lawyers and latterly US Ivy League-trained economists.
    • The 50 or so pupils, including latterly 10 from Japan, had their own council which made decisions about running the school and disciplined those who broke the self-imposed rules.
    • He had long considered it his destiny to be the next president of Pakistan, but latterly his political career has faltered.