Traducción de law centre en Español:

law centre

centro de asesoría jurídica, n.


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    (in UK)
    centro de asesoría jurídica masculino
    • Two of the complaints were made by London law centres.
    • From mid-September, the law centre also plans to tackle problems in Keighley by providing an outreach advice service on employment rights.
    • When completed, six courtrooms will be available, along with a family law centre, large waiting area, consultation rooms and facilities for the disabled.
    • From that germ, as such, grew all sorts of other law centres and community law centres throughout the country.
    • He isn't targeting the law centre or any of the other users - the messages are usually about his mates.
    • It is an independent, charity community-controlled law centre that aims at tackling unmet legal need within the local area and other areas of legal need in Scotland.
    • Separating spouses can contact any of 30 law centres throughout the country to obtain legal aid.
    • The law centre has documented at least 25 known incidents of newspaper theft this academic year alone, Goodman said.
    • If you need help or advice please take this notice immediately to a citizens' advice bureau, a housing advice centre, a law centre or a solicitor.
    • The law centre celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.
    • The size and the comprehensiveness of these collections make it one of the most important public and free law centres.
    • Independent welfare rights advice agencies, law centres, disability organisations and some local authorities have welfare rights units.
    • He said the situation was particularly difficult for domestic violence sufferers and said it was critical the law centre opened.
    • He praised the work of community based law centres in helping individuals, but pointed out that there is not a single community-based law centre in Scotland outwith the central belt.
    • Local law centres often offer benefits advice
    • Your local Citizen's Advice Bureau, law centre, local Women's Aid group, civil court clerk or the National Domestic Violence Helpline can give you more information.