Traducción de layout en Español:


distribución, n.

Pronunciación /ˈleɪˌaʊt//ˈleɪaʊt/


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    (of house) distribución femenino
    (of town, garden) trazado masculino
    (of town, garden) plan masculino
    the layout of the room la forma en que están dispuestos los muebles en la habitación
    • the car has a very clear instrument layout el coche tiene un tablero muy bien diseñado
    • [ S ]new road layout ahead atención: nuevo sistema de circulación
    • a model train layout un circuito de tren eléctrico
    • There are a number of items to consider, including layout, style, materials and products, safety issues, and building codes.
    • Its worker-centered design process and interior layout display an unusual commitment to workplace openness.
    • But the council's highways chief denied it had taken no action, saying three road layouts had been altered and two were awaiting change.
    • This kitchen exemplifies those tenets with its greet-the-day colors, friendly layout, and elemental materials.
    • When considering hazards, it is not enough to simply examine the components, materials and layout of the building.
    • Its strategy calls for plants to essentially be carbon copies of each other: same layout, same processes, same equipment.
    • The dashboard is modern, made from good materials, and with a very clear layout of all controls and instruments.
    • While the building is the container for interpretive material, through its form and layout it also becomes part of the interpretive experience.
    • The layout is symmetrical and orderly, which contrasts with the cottagey jumble of perennials and bulbs within the four rectangular beds.
    • Advances in car design and road layouts meant that the original test gradually became dated.
    • These systems affect the layout and design of modern libraries.
    • The duo are using the theme of Irish hospitality to create a sensual interior with a contemporary yet classical layout using Irish fabrics and materials.
    • As a family kitchen, both layout and materials have been carefully considered.
    • The L-shaped counter and island layout are familiar but the materials are not.
    • Rearranging the shop floor layout opened up thousands of square feet and streamlined the process.
    • The design will ‘provide partners with full schematics, layout, bill of materials, drivers and a design guide’, the chip maker said.
    • The interior materials, control layout and appearance are simply prehistoric.
    • But much has changed in those 70 years and the test has been adapted to reflect advances in car design and changing road layouts.
    • Abruptly, I found construction work had altered the road layout and I had no idea where pedestrians were supposed to go.
    • Over the years, the examination has been adapted to reflect advances in car design and changing road layouts, with hand signals removed from the test in 1975.
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    (in magazine, newspaper)
    diseño masculino
    maquetación femenino
    we've tried various layouts for the cover hemos probado varios diseños para la portada
    • before noun layout artist diagramador
    • This book has an attractive look to it, with a legible typeface and good layout.
    • It is more than a matter of typography and layout.
    • First, there's a high-quality cover, nice binding, and vastly improved typesetting and layout.
    • As part of her earlier experimentation, she started printing on newsprint and borrowed the format of newspaper layout for her work.
    • Over the years, I find major changes in the newspapers' content, delivery and layout.
    • Despite this, few applicants have actually considered the need to change CV layout and content in line with the online recruitment process.
    • The text takes on a life of its own, and the typography and layout respond.
    • I am working on a site right now that is a typical three column layout with a header and footer.
    • The typography and page layout is open and inviting.
    • Oh, and I don't really care if you don't like the three column layout.
    • It makes writing all about the words, not about the formatting, typography, layout, or anything else.
    • I have a theory, which I have mentioned from time to time, that readers are sensitive to fonts, layout, and page design, to a far greater extent than is generally recognised.
    • The comforting, if deeply eccentric, typography and layout of the original are still there, along with a mix of photographs new and old.
    • The typefaces and layout are part of the whole, with cartoons, photos and sketches essential to the whole feel of the project.
    • In the late 1960s, as I recall from the magazines one read, typography and layout of poems became almost central to the poem.
    • Sterne was almost compulsively attentive to page layout and typography, going so far as to specify the length of each dash in printer's ems.
    • Also, although the wording remained the same, the typefaces and layout were changed slightly.
    • I could reproduce any layout, liquid or fixed width, with pixel-level precision.
    • It tells us something by way of typographical layout, a luxury that ancient Roman poetry didn't have.
    • Indeed the style and layout of the original book is followed closely, and the translated version is as similar in appearance to the original as possible.
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    diagrama masculino
    • And this event promises to be the best yet containing no less than eight model railway layouts!
    • There will be guided talks and lectures and model railway layouts.
    • So whether you have been interested in model railways for years or just starting on a new layout of your own (or you received a model train set for Christmas) why not come along for a great day out.
    • The annual exhibition will be held in the White Horse Leisure Centre on Saturday and Sunday and will feature 18 working model railway layouts and 14 trade stands.
    • A railway line cuts the layout diagonally which means that there is scope for a metro rail link.
    • When in a paper space layout you can edit geometry created in the layout or in the model.
    • There was a layout of a Ugandan railway, designed and built by a former serviceman, that included tiny model animals ranging from aardvarks to zebra.
    • This year the show featured 18 working model railway layouts, spanning 100 years as well as 14 trade stands.
    • Develop mini model layouts with space for civic amenities.
    • More than a dozen first-class layouts, depicting railway scenes from this country and abroad, had been set up by model railway enthusiasts from all parts of the south, each one a joy to study.
    • Railway buffs should steam along to Kendal Leisure Centre on Saturday and Sunday to marvel at the layouts on show at the Model Railway Exhibition.
    • Also on display will be a live steam model layout featuring famous Welsh railway scenes.
    • Famous structures were incorporated into the layout including models of the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Harbour Bridge.
    • It runs from 10 am to 5pm and celebrates Swindon's railway heritage with model railway layouts, displays and guided tours of the Swindon Works site.
    • During the layover, the Havre Railroad Museum ran trains on its model railroad layout.
    • The designer decided he would like to present a second layout during the council meeting the next day.
    • The theme extends to detailed scale model layouts of tanks and ships, and a war games group will re-enact the D-Day Landings in miniature.
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    (property, residence)
    (y sus instalaciones) propiedad femenino