Traducción de leading edge en Español:

leading edge

borde anterior, n.

Pronunciación ///ˌlidɪŋ ˈɛdʒ/


  • 1

    (del ala) borde anterior masculino
    • Their lengthened nacelles overlapped the leading edge of the wing and were equipped with a streamlined canopy and cabin in which a single gunner was installed.
    • The high-mounted wings have a straight leading edge and forward-tapered trailing edge with blunt tips.
    • Also of note are the large landing lights built into the leading edge of the top wing which were big improvements for operating at night from primitive fields.
    • There was a hole in the leading edge of the wing, six inches from the propeller.
    • On this clean surface, the full-size wing was drawn with the leading edge, trailing edge, spars, and ribs all correctly located.
  • 2

    they are working at the leading edge of pharmaceutical research están trabajando en la punta de lanza / en la vanguardia de la investigación farmacológica
    • before noun leading-edge technology tecnología de avanzada / de vanguardia