Traducción de leading light en Español:

leading light

estrella, n.

Pronunciación ///ˌlidɪŋ ˈlaɪt/


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    estrella femenino
    • The book features rich, critical depictions of today's leading lights, and the luminaries fare worse than the nerds.
    • The first legislative elections in December threw out the sitting candidates, notably the leading lights of the Fourth Republic, and savaged the left.
    • Dutch painters like Anthony van Dyck and Peter Paul Rubens have been adopted as honorary Englishmen, partly because they painted so many portraits of our leading lights.
    • Film lovers have been treated to two weeks of premieres, classics of the past and special guest appearances by leading lights of the film world.
    • He is probably the leading light in the field of Australian improvised music.
    • Everyone would have to admit that Graham proved himself a leading light on the field of play.
    • A businessman who was a leading light in Manchester's city living boom has been disqualified from being a company director.
    • He was an organic chemist, and this was his first exposure to a community of biologists, one that included many of the leading lights in the field.
    • The four-hour-long mega event will feature the leading lights of Malayalam cinema, music and literature.
    • The silver-haired diplomat was considered one of the leading lights of the UN and a potential candidate to become secretary general.
    • These young stars will move on to be part of an album, which will be put together by leading lights from the music industry.
    • He remains something of a performer himself, a leading light in the folk music movement who only succumbed to car ownership to transport his band to gigs.
    • One of the leading lights in British jazz will be performing at the Platform in Morecambe on Saturday.
    • It is a bold step, but one forced on players - at least the leading lights in hurling and football - by the dismissiveness of officialdom for years.
    • It is certainly a good description of the views of the leading lights, including Franklin, Washington, Adams and Jefferson.
    • Damage ensued and some local leading lights offered the sum of four pounds and a shilling for repairs.
    • Your country is a leading light to be enjoyed by many and your people should be proud of their origin!
    • In the last 15 years Scotland has been a leading light in the field of public art and public sculpture.
    • He was fêted by bankers, politicians and the leading lights of the entertainment industry, who saw him as the Napoleon of the new economy.
    • Here, but a handful of years later, their shift into one of the leading lights of modern jazz has been marked final.