Traducción de leaf through en Español:

leaf through

hojear, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (magazine/catalog) hojear
    • Either study abroad or leaf through the books of some great photographers in the world.
    • And, besides, it seems to impress the most attractive men on train journeys when you leaf through the pages of such highbrow reading matter and display interest in more than just the pictures.
    • I let him leaf through the first few pages before I spoke up again.
    • I sat on the cot and leafed through a magazine, shivering silently.
    • He leafed through a stack of letters, splitting them into bills and correspondence.
    • Stretched out next to the sofa was Julie, leafing lazily through a magazine.
    • I've only leafed through a copy, and read the first chapter.
    • He was leafing through folders of paper, taking notes on a large yellow pad.
    • "All right then, " said the magistrate, leafing through some papers.
    • He approached it on tip toes, leafing through a pile of papers on the surface.
    • I reached for a poetry book and sat quietly for a while, leafing through the pages.
    • As she leafs through the yellow pages, my eyes try in vain to grab a word or two from the looped, fastidious handwriting.
    • Picking one at random, he leafed idly through it as he let his mind work.
    • I noticed that he was leafing through some folders on his desk, and I was struck by a question.
    • How about having a cup of freshly brewed coffee while leafing through pages of an interesting book?
    • I leafed through the stack in my hand.
    • You can turn the pages as though leafing through the book.
    • So I did what Pa asked, and leafed through the book, its pages heavy and dusty, well-inscribed and made to last for centuries.
    • But anyway, she pulled out my folder and began leafing through the papers inside.
    • Next to that is another device - a page turner that automatically leafs through any book placed on a raised platform, operated at the touch of a button.